Gift List 2013 : Stocking Stuffers for Him

Home of Malone's is bringing you gift ideas every day between now and Thanksgiving starting today.  I love Christmas and I love the feeling of giving a gift to friends or family that I know they are going to love.  Unfortunately, it isn't always easy and sometimes it is really difficult to find the perfect gift; but when you do, it feels so good!  So my goal these next 10 days is to help you find the perfect gift for someone or help trigger your mind for a different gift idea. Good luck and happy shopping!  

Gift List 2013: Stocking Stuffers for Him

Fair Isle Camp Socks - A nice pair of socks for the winter time are always appreciated. 
Ray-Ban Aviators - Who doesn't love a great pair of aviators??
iHome Portable Speaker - We own one of these and use it all the time.  It is so small and compact and they sell for around $20.  
Santa Palm Sail Boxer Shorts - I love Vineyard Vine boxers and so does my husband.  They have lots of cute patterns and colors to choose from.  
5 Piece Manicure Set - Great kit to have and it comes with the carrying case.  Perfect travel size. 
Whiskey Stones - These make for a great cocktail and keep the drink cold without watering it down.  
Vineyard Vine Camo Koozie - A cute koozie to stuff in the stocking and maybe put a RedBull inside of it for a nice pick-me-up to make it through all the Christmas day activities! 

Other lists to look forward to...

What do you put in his stocking?  Do you have a tradition of something you always include in his stocking??


  1. Those are great stocking stuffers!! I saw those camp socks this weekend and they felt so cozy, I considered getting some for myself!!

    1. Yes! I have two pair and I love them. They are so cozy!

  2. I really, really struggle with my husband for gift ideas - these are super helpful! Can't wait to see your other daily gift ideas :)

    1. Guys can be so hard to shop for...I always feel bad when all his Christmas gifts end up being clothes! Check back tomorrow for some other gift ideas for him!