Scenes From Our Weekend

Catching up on last week today with a little recap!  Trump was in Pensacola last week and was doing a rally right next to our house.  A friend of ours got us hooked up on the front row and it was a beautiful evening.  I have no plans of talking politics on this blog; but I'm glad I went, early-voted and done my American duties! 

Thursday morning was Brody's surgery for tubes.  His ENT (ear/nose/throat) doctor had suggested that because of his age (three), which is old to still be having all the ear infections that he had, that he would be a good candidate for having his adenoids removed too.  We ended up deciding to hold off on the adenoids and waiting to see if the tubes along would help solve our problem.  

He was such a trooper.  They wheeled him back to surgery in this cute little wagon and the surgery literally took less than 20 minutes.  It was so fast that Matt didn't even have enough time to go down stairs and get me Starbucks and himself some breakfast before the doctor came out.  

Recovery was a quick 30 minutes and he was a little groggy, but not as irritable as I thought he would be coming off the meds.  He was WAY worse after he came off his meds from the febrile seizure.  This was nothing in comparison.  About an hour after we got home, he was back to his wild and crazy self.  He was ready for a nap that afternoon; but overall, he was back to himself that same day.  

I dressed comfortable and warm for the hospital and then snuck away while we had grandma's around to go get my early vote on and beat the crowds come Tuesday. 

Top (old, similar) | Necklace | Jeans | Shoes

Our sweet friends brought us over dinner for that evening that Brody had his surgery.  They made Chicken Divan.  I had never had it before and it was so yummy.  She used Paula Deen's version

Saturday we went out for breakfast in the morning and then Madelyn and I went to a baby shower for a friend of ours!   She was a trooper and ran around like a wild woman.  

Dress (on major sale) | Shoes

This little ham :)

Saturday afternoon we watched football at the house and hung out! 

Button Down | Jeans | Boots | Glasses | Bag (old, similar)

Sunday we headed to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  It's not very close to our house, but we were up and moving so early because of daylight savings time, they we decided to go.  It was so delicious.  

Sunday afternoon we walked from our house to the arts festival and let the kids enjoy and had some mimosas!  I probably should have drank more if I had any idea what was upon us Sunday evening with cranky kids! This time change is KILLEr!  

Have a great week friends!!

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Five Fall Outfits

I'm changing things up on you ladies today and playing model.
These are a bunch of outfit shots that I took with my sweet new friend that is in photography school, Shina.  We took these about a month or so ago and I've shared bits and pieces of them on instagram, but I thought I would do a recap here on the blog.  It was/is still super hot here in Florida, so we are obviously working towards our Fall wardrobe.  Most days, we are still best in shorts or dresses; but I've definitely been pulling on the jeans lately.  

This cowl-neck dress is an easy throw-on dress for running around town and is only $25.  It's cotton and a little on the short side.  I'm 5'9" so I have to be careful with that.  I love the layered look of the vest and wearing the booties makes it feel a little more like fall!  

Hat (less expensive option $23 and here) | Dress | Sunnies | Vest | Purse | Booties | Watch

This is another great dress option for a great price at $34.  I find it a little more clingy to the body, but a super soft material.  It is also on the short side.  I love the way I can throw on a scarf and some booties and bring this into Fall.  I'm also obsessed with this hat and kind of think it makes the outfit. I've linked up some less expensive hat options for you to try and see if you're ready to jump on the hat train too :)

Hat (less expensive option $23 and here)| Sunnies | Scarf | Dress | Bag | Booties | Watch

This was a poncho I had from last year and adore.  Black and white is always a favorite for me and these ponchos are so easy to thrown on over jeans or leggings.  It's a great price and a nice weight for the southern climate.  I love these distressed jeans because they are high waisted and suck in my belly.

This outfit is pretty much the one from above, but I wanted to show you this tunic.  If you don't own one of these yet, you are totally missing out.  They come in tons of different colors and are only $27.  I think I may own 4 or  5 colors now.  They are a thin material, but I don't wear cami's under them.  The white may be the only color you might want to wear one under.  I just love that the tunic is long enough to cover my bootie and top of my legs! 

Jeans | Top | Sunnies | Necklace | Purse (old) | Booties | Watch

I had to throw in a puffer vest outfit! I love all my plaid/gingham/and flannel shirts with a good puffer vest.  This was happens to be orange and blue to cheer on my Gators!  I own a few colors/styles in these vest and they make the perfect layer for our weather.

I hope you enjoy!  If I missed tagging something, let me know in the comments and I'm happy to let you know where it's from.  We took a few new pictures recently that I'll have to share soon.  They were a lot of fun! 

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Halloween Day 2016

Halloween was so much fun this year!! I know it is only going to keep getting better, but it's definitely not easy either.  The task of getting costumes, making sure the kids like the costumes, and then the fight of getting them to wear the entire costume can really be exhausting.  In the end, it's always worth it, but the battle is real. 

We started the morning off decorating my trunk for the trunk-or-treat function at the kids school.  This was the first year they have done it and it was really fun.  I may have almost cried when I realized that I didn't dress Brody in his costume when EVERY.OTHER.KID.DID.  It was a total Mom fail; but in my defense, Madelyn's classroom was not dressing up because they are the youngest and so in my head I thought the whole school wasn't dressing up.  I'm such an idiot.  The entire rest of the school DID dress up.  But thank goodness, he literally didn't say a word and didn't even notice!  He acted cool as can be and didn't even come up to me asking where his Buzz Lightyear costume was !! I still felt horrible though. 

That evening, we headed over to my brother and SIL's house to do some trick-or-treating.  The kids looked adorable in their costumes and they were happy to go collect candy!  We put the boys in the wagon and Madelyn in the stroller and off we went. 

our best family shot
hating her headpiece...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. 
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Scenes from Our Weekend

I know I am so behind this week!  Halloween got me all messed up being on a Monday and we all feel just a little under the weather in the Malone household, so we're slow moving.  We had a great weekend that was super busy!!

Friday night we had some friends over for dinner which turned out to be a blast.  It's always fun hosting at the house and cozying up in the family room with cocktails and good conversation. 

Friday night cheese plate and Brody trying to get in on the party...

Saturday morning I had a baby shower to go to and the kids hung with Daddy at the house.  I got home and we all got ready to go to my brother and SIL's house for a big Florida / Georgia football party!  It was tons of fun with lots of crazy kiddos! 

My Mom with Madelyn and my nephew William...

Sunday morning we went to breakfast and then church with the kiddos.  We tried a new church that just started a new location right next to our house.  It was really nice and the kids seemed to do pretty well.  Brody was thrilled because he got to leave with cotton candy!

Sunday evening was an amazing Halloween party that a good friend of mine threw.  She does it every year because her birthday is on Halloween!  Each year she outdoes her self from the last.  It's really incredible.  It's her birthday, but all of the guests end up leaving with a pile of our own gifts.  She's so thoughtful.  Everyone has to dress up as some type of witch.  The ladies get so darn creative and come with the most incredible witch hats.  I went as a flapper girl witch, but I swear that next year I'm going to do better! 

The Halloween hangover is real! I hope everyone is coming out of the como :)