Blogger Spotlight | The College Prepster

It's been a few months since my last interview for the "Blogger Spotlight" series, but I'm excited to be back today with the well-known, Carly from The College Prepster.   I've always felt like Carly was a blogger before blogging really "existed."  She started a blog her freshman year of college (8 years ago) and has turned her passion of blogging from a hobby to a full-time career.  She is a NYC gal, southern-raised, who has recently moved to Connecticut.  She has the cutest style and loves to share a little bit about life, fashion, travel and everything in between on her blog.  

Here's a little interview to get to know her a little better...

1) You started College Prepster in College obviously. Did you start it on your own or was it an assignment for one of your classes?

I started it on my own because I was really not happy with my classes! While reluctantly studying for exams, one of my friends suggested that I start a blog as a creative outlet... and the rest is history.

2) What does it take to make a successful blog, in your opinion?

Defining success in the right way! If you start a blog for enjoyment, as long as you enjoy doing it you'll be successful! 

3) You just launched a new blog design. It looks amazing and I love how easy it is to navigate. What are your favorite changes you've seen from moving to WordPress? And how long did the new design process take??

It was a labor of love! It took just over six months from start to finish. I think the best part for me is finally having something that I'm really proud of. It feels like me! I love Blogger and would still recommend it for bloggers starting out (hello, it's free!), but there are more design things– like my slider– that Wordpress can handle.

4) You recently (a year ago) moved into your new apartment in Connecticut? How is the transition from moving out of the city? (ironically, you just posted about this today!

5) What are the biggest changes that you didn't expect when moving in with your boyfriend? Two good things and two bad :) example: My husband (then boyfriend) used to leave change all over the house and wired hangers hanging on door knobs everywhere and used to drive me crazy!! 

Good #1: We get to spend more "down time" together. As opposed to dating when you have to have an excuse for getting together (dinner, watching a movie, etc.), I love the little moments like quiet mornings or working side by side.

Good #2: We learned even more about each other and it works! It was a relief to know we could live with each other and have a great time!

Bad #1: I shed like crazy (#brunetteproblems) and my hair on the ground is always an issue. 

6} Do you have dreams of starting your own fashion line one day?

Nope! Managing inventory sounds like my nightmare.

7) What are the biggest lessons you've learned from starting your own business?

Hire people who know how to do things better than you!

8) You have started making YouTube videos and I love watching them!! How did you teach yourself how to make them and edit them? Does Garrett help you edit? 

Thanks! I've been doing all the editing! I've always edited little videos and just learn new stuff along the way as needed. 

9) How many times a day do you get asked when are you getting married and when do you want babies? :)

All. The. Time.

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Day in the Life

I know lots of you love a good day in the life post and I did my best to document our day on Friday, August 12th.  It's been in my draft box to finish up, but it was a pretty good indication of what a day looked like this summer.  Brody was in camp for some of summer which was nice too.  The kids don't start back school until after Labor day, so we're getting close to closing out summer.  

7:15am :: Madelyn wakes and we have the bottle in bed together.   Matt was coming down with some type of flu, so Brody had spent the night at his Grammy's house.  We enjoyed some snuggles in bed, then she played in our room while Matt and I got ready for the day.

8:00am :: We're downstairs and Madelyn has some cheerios and bananas and I eat some overnight oats for breakfast.

For my overnight oats: I usually use 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup almond milk and 1/3 cup yogurt and some chia seeds. I'm loving this Salted Caramel yogurt I bought recently in it.  Then when I serve it up that morning I add my fruit and a scoop of peanut butter.

8:30am :: I feel like I have all the time in the world this morning because I just have one child to handle.  I'm taking Madelyn with me to a 9:45am Pure Barre class where they have kids care.  I get her all dressed and ready to go.

9:10am :: We're getting close to walk out the door and I smell poop.  Of course.  So I think I have all the time in the world and instead she has this ridiculous outfit on that doesn't have snaps in the crotch so I have to completely undress her to change her diaper and I'm saying a few curse words.

9:20 :: We're out the door and I'm hoping I find a good parking spot.

9:30am :: We walk into kids care.  I start playing with some toys with her and when she's occupied, I sneak out and hope she doesn't cry too much.

9:45am :: Mom's in class and happy to get a workout in.

10:50am :: I'm thankful I got to finish my workout and I walk to the kids care to check on Madelyn.  I take a quick peek in and the big kids have all built a fort and Madelyn is just hanging out with the sitter.  She said she did great and only cried the first couple of minutes when she realized I had left her.

11:00 am :: We're home in time for me to put her down late for her morning nap.  She goes right down and I head to the computer to do a little work and then make myself some lunch.  Today I had some chicken salad from Fresh Market which is my favorite and I serve it up with some wheat thins and an apple. 

12:00pm :: I'm finishing up lunch and watching the woman's soccer game quarterfinals for the olympics.  My MIL walks through the door with Brody since he had spent the night at her house.  I was worried about his ears, so he was schedule to go see our pediatrician this afternoon.  

12:45pm :: Brody and I head out the door to see the doctor and I leave some lunch for Madelyn when she wakes up and my MIL was sweet enough to stay at the house with her while I ran Brody to the doc.

mac & cheese with peas and grilled chicken

2:00pm :: We get home from the doctor after Brody having to get a shot of antibiotics and we put him down for his nap and I'm sad because I missed the end of the girls soccer match which they lost in penalty kicks. So that was the end for them in the olympics.  I play with Madelyn while Brody sleeps.

3:45pm :: I put Madelyn down for a late little catnap since we kind of messed up her normal nap schedule. 

4pm :: I sneak in my room for a bit to try on some new clothes that arrived from UPS man this afternoon while both kids were sleeping.  I'm so excited about my new shoes, sweater and distressed shorts. 

Pleated Sweater | Shorts | Shoes {only $69}

4:30pm :: Brody wakes up and I wake Madelyn up and we all play around the house for a bit until Daddy gets home.

5pm :: Daddy gets home early and we discuss some ideas for dinner because I'm not cooking.  Matts under the weather and so is Brody, so we decide to just pick up something to go. 

5:30pm :: I feed Madelyn some dinner and then we all go sit outside for a bit and visit and let the kids play. 

black eyed peas, green beans, and corn

6pm :: I leave Matt with the kiddos for a few minutes while I go pick us up some chicken wings from our favorite little spot. 

6:30pm :: I came home with food and we ate a quick dinner before I brought Madelyn up for a bath and bed.  

7pm :: Madelyn is down and we hang downstairs for about an hour.  

8pm :: We all go up early to bed since we've had some sickness and Matt lays down with Brody and we all get a good night sleep!  That's a wrap! 

Link up with Natalie and I below for Thoughts for Thursday.  We're still in Vail and I'll update you all on the trip next week.  I have a special post tomorrow to continue our Blogger Spotlight series.


Madelyn Faye | Month Eleven

Eleven Months as of August 14th, 2016


21 lbs
~ 30 inches estimates

You are wearing 12 to 18 month clothes
size 3 shoes
Size 4 diapers

 You generally sleep from 7 or 7:30pm to 7am.
You nap two times a day still and your naps are about an 1 to 1.5 hrs long. 

7am Wake & Bottle
7:30am Breakfast
9:30 Nap
11am Wake 
12pm Lunch
1:30 or 2pm Nap
330pm Wake & Bottle
5pm Dinner
6:30 Bath & Bottle
7pm -7:30pm Bedtime

You had a little runny nose throughout from a new tooth and also caught a mild cough from your big brother. 

When you fall which is pretty often. You are always tripping over things.
When Brody smothers you or when Mommy leaves you!

You take approx. 3 (6-8oz) bottles a day
You eat three meals a day
Yogurt, banana, eggs, grits, avocados, or cheerios for breakfast typically
You pretty much like anything which is so amazing and completely opposite of your brother.  I can't even really name something that you don't like so far.
You are loving your pick-up foods this month.  You love sweet potatoes, chicken, pasta, lots of fruit, green beans, zucchini, peas, mac & cheese.  You will pretty much eat anything on your tray. 

you love watching your brother's every move
chasing the dog
getting into everything that you're not supposed to. The fridge, freezer and pantry are your favorite spots
listening to Mama sing "if you're happy and you know it" - you start clapping and its the cutest
being in the pool - we've done a lot of that this summer!
dancing & music

Brody grabbing and tackling you
diaper changes

Walking like a champ
You cut a new tooth. You now have 7 teeth ( four on top, three on bottom)
You say Mama well now.
You learned how to wave bye bye and say it. Only about half the time.
You started saying the word "stinky" which is hilarious.  We say it when we change your diaper and you copied.
We upgraded you to the big kid car seat and you love it! 

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Scenes from Our Weekend

Hey friends!! Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Ours was nice and fairly quiet.  I'm up early this morning to shop the Lilly Pulitzer sale, which I'm pretty excited about.  I love grabbing a thing or two for myself, but also for Madelyn! 

Friday I took the kids with me to Pure Barre and they played in the children's area while I worked out.  I snagged this cute photo of them as we were walking out the door! 

Friday night we had dinner out with a group of friends which was lots of fun.  I wore a Lilly dress that I got from the sale back in January that I love.  

Friday night while we were at dinner, my Mother in Law took Brody to go see a Shrek performance by the Pensacola Childrens Theater.  It was so cute because he was so excited to have a date with his Grammy and was really looking forward to Shrek.  He made it out until 10pm.  I was impressed.

Saturday morning I laughed at this ridiculous site on our stairwell.  The kids shoe collection of Saltwater sandals, FP Moccasins and Natives are getting a bit out of control. FYI, put your young child in moccasins not saltwater sandals when they are learning to walk.  They hate walking in the sandals, but do great in the moccasins. 

Saturday my brother and SIL came over to play after they found out the sex of their baby on the way!! I would tell ya'll but I don't think she's announced it yet! 

Sunday morning was a quick doughnut stop at the new Dunkin Doughnuts that opened next to our church.  Brody was a happy camper.  Nothing like getting him all amped up on sugar just in time to send him to Sunday School :)

The kiddos in their Sunday best. 

Madelyn Dress {Elizabeth Layne Heirloom} | Brody's Outfit {Cecil & Lou}

Dress (old) // Miller Sandals

Sunday evening we decided to take the kids out to dinner again!! We're such idiots.  They do awesome right up until our food arrives.  Then Madelyn becomes totally un-interested in anything at the table and wants to leave.  On a bright note, I wish you could see this romper she has on.  I about died.  It's from the Gap and it's the tiniest little thing and the whole outfit cracked me up. They were in their red,white & blue to support USA!  Have you noticed that Brody has finally decided he will sit and take pictures for me now?  I'm having way too much fun getting them both together :)

Have a great week!! 
Go shop the sale if you haven't already.  I rounded up a few of my favorites yesterday


The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale | Starts Tomorrow

It's here, friends!! Tomorrow morning at 7am Central time, the Lilly Afterparty Sale starts!  

Lilly Pulitzer does not put their items on the website on sale on a normal basis.  Instead, they wait for two times a year; once in January and once in August to throw a huge sale party!!  It's worth the wait. 

Tonight, if you plan to shop, you need to make sure you have an account already set up. If not, go create one now

Read the FAQ page here.  

Be ready with all of your gadgets (computer, iPad, phone) to sign onto Lillypulitzer.com.  

The site gets so full that they will literally have a virtual line.  Just be patient and you will get your turn shortly.  It helps if you can preview your favorite options on the site today, so you know what you are looking for when the sale starts.  Sizes run out really fast, so the longer you take, the less likely you are to get your items! 

Here's a look at my favorites right now: 

Top::  1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Bottom::  6 // 7 // 8 // 9

Top::  1 // 2 // 3

Bottom:: 1 // 2 // 3

Essie Dress
love this style. Size up.

Blythe V-Neck
cutest swing dress. true to size.

Callahan Short //  Essie Top
love this top. 5" callahan short. 

Rachelle Dress 
true to size

Madelyn wearing 6-12 month at about 9 months old

Shop this post:

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