Scenes from Our Weekend

I know I am so behind this week!  Halloween got me all messed up being on a Monday and we all feel just a little under the weather in the Malone household, so we're slow moving.  We had a great weekend that was super busy!!

Friday night we had some friends over for dinner which turned out to be a blast.  It's always fun hosting at the house and cozying up in the family room with cocktails and good conversation. 

Friday night cheese plate and Brody trying to get in on the party...

Saturday morning I had a baby shower to go to and the kids hung with Daddy at the house.  I got home and we all got ready to go to my brother and SIL's house for a big Florida / Georgia football party!  It was tons of fun with lots of crazy kiddos! 

My Mom with Madelyn and my nephew William...

Sunday morning we went to breakfast and then church with the kiddos.  We tried a new church that just started a new location right next to our house.  It was really nice and the kids seemed to do pretty well.  Brody was thrilled because he got to leave with cotton candy!

Sunday evening was an amazing Halloween party that a good friend of mine threw.  She does it every year because her birthday is on Halloween!  Each year she outdoes her self from the last.  It's really incredible.  It's her birthday, but all of the guests end up leaving with a pile of our own gifts.  She's so thoughtful.  Everyone has to dress up as some type of witch.  The ladies get so darn creative and come with the most incredible witch hats.  I went as a flapper girl witch, but I swear that next year I'm going to do better! 

The Halloween hangover is real! I hope everyone is coming out of the como :)


  1. SUch a fun weekend! A flapper witch sounds so cool!!

  2. What a fun weekend!! That Halloween party looks legit! I was in awe of your insta snaps you posted. It looked so fun!!

  3. How fun to throw a party for yourself every year!! Halloween on a monday should be outlawed though...this week has been long!

  4. do you remember where you purchased your cracker and cheese plate? Also the flatware pieces? Thanks

  5. That Halloween party looks so fun! and you look awesome!