Gift List 2013 : For the Baby

Baby Brody will be 6 months old at Christmas this year and I am super excited because he will be just old enough to enjoy some fun toys, but I know it is still a little early for him to understand the whole concept.  I am trying to keep myself in check and not by him everything under the sun, but its soooo hard!! Here are a few items I would love to see him get this Christmas.  

Also, I sent my family an Amazon wish list for Brody's Christmas this week and I think they all loved the idea!  It makes it super easy for them to shop for him and gets him things he needs and doesn't already have.  I wish everyone in my family would make an Amazon wish list.  It sure would make life easy :)

Gift List 2013: For the Baby

JCrew Minnetonka baby Fringe Booties - Now that I have started putting shoes on baby Brody, I can't stop!! I love them and they make for the most precious accessory on a baby boy.  
Boon Flair Highchair - After asking for ya'lls help here on which highchair is best, everyone voted for the Boon which I was mostly in favor of anyway except for the fact that it didn't fold up.  But you all convinced me that it is still the best and easy to maneuver around and super fast to clean! Bonuses in my book.  
Sophie la Giraffe Bath Toy - Brody has started trying to put the bath towels in his mouth during bath time and any other little ducky that might be in there with him, so I thought Sophie would be perfect. 
B. One Two Squeezable Blocks - Soft colorful blocks for Brody to squeeze and chew on seem perfect to me. 
Gray Plush Anywhere Chair - I love this little chair and will be perfect by Christmas because he should be sitting up on his own by then. 
Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon- I just love this little wagon and picture him walking around the house with this filled up with a pile of his toys. 
Boon Squirt Spoon- He will start eating baby food just after Christmas, so it's the perfect time to load up on all the feeding tools we will need.  
All in One Music Toy- Once he is sitting up on his own, this wooden music toy will be so much fun for him.  He will love seeing himself make all these noises.  I love all the wooden toys out there.  
Discovery Deglingos - Ronronos the Cat Activity Toy- A great toy for the diaper bag or carseat to keep him occupied.
Zoli Gummy Stick Teethers- I've read good things about these little teether sticks. 
Buggy Gear Stroller Organizer and Cooler- We have been taking the BOB out a lot lately, as he has gotten to a good size for fitting in it well.  I don't have any type of drink holder for the stroller yet and I love the idea of this one. It has lots of compartments and even a little cooler to keep milk or a small picnic cold! 

What's on your babies list this year???  What are some must-have items for a 6 month old??

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