Five on Friday

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{ONE}  Construction Update on the new house: 

the chandelier in our entry way

pavers were laid and the driveway was poured

kitchen backsplash

{TWO} Came across these on Pinterest and the cuteness caught my eye immediately.  I love when people do such a good job of a "homemade" look when wrapping gifts.  Brown paper with pretty ribbon and a great tag like these makes for a beautifully wrapped gift.


{THREE} I'm always looking for little things to entertain this little man these days.  He's 4.5 months now and he's really being able to play with his toys well now.  I picked up this OBall at Target the other day and I love it!  Highly recommend it to any of you with babies.  I think the age range is really good on this toy too!

{FOUR}  Super excited that my brother and sister-in-law are having a BABY BOY in APRIL!!!  I can't wait for Brody to have another buddy to run around with. {I also have a nephew arriving in January!}  Three grandsons in less than one year for my parents!!

{FIVE}  I need your help on deciding on a highchair.  Are you familiar with any of these or do you know anyone that has one??  I like the idea of being able to fold them up and put them aside.  Please share any recommendations for high chairs even if it's not one listed below!



  1. Love the house! The exterior is so unique! Love it!

    My BIL & SIL have little high chairs that they strap to a normal dining chair. They are super cheap and easy. The trays are light and easy to wash, and you don't have a giant high chair taking up extra room. They can kind of slide the chairs up to the table and "hide" the baby stuff, if that makes sense.

  2. Hey Annie! We love our Boon Flair Highchair. I did a ton of research before getting this one and went with it because of the great reviews from bloggers, other moms, friends, my sister-in-law. It's easy to clean and use. I love that you can roll it around. It works great for our kitchen now because we have a taller table and chairs, but since it's adjustable it will also work if we end up getting a more traditional height kitchen area. With all of those good things said, it is NOT small and it does not fold up. We just wheel it into a corner when it's not in use, but I can understand the desire of something that can be stored in a closet. Jack is very comfortable in it which is also a plus. Good luck!

  3. i love following the building of your new house, it is going to be beautiful!

  4. The oball is such a great toy, esp a first toy because it is so easy for them to hold. Great teaching tool.

    We have the boon flair, which we love. But, it definitely doesn't fold up. It gets wheeled to a little nook by the table, and is pretty conveniently out of the way like that. And, I have a small dining room. I remember when I was researching high chairs there was a picture of a couple high chairs in profile and the boon actually had the smallest footprint. I'm not sure if any were folded up though. Biggest plus is how easy it is to clean, and definitely gets messy.

  5. My parents have five grandsons!! There is a lot of pressure on me for a girl!

  6. I LOVE the boon flair high chair. It is probably actually my favorite piece of baby gear. It is SOOOO easy to clean and the wheels are a really fantastic feature. I recommend it to all of my friends!