Postpartum : 20 Week Update

It's been 8 weeks since my last postpartum update, here.  I gave an update at 12 weeks postpartum and discussed how I was starting to get serious with a workout plan and eating regime to lose the last 10 pregnancy pounds I had left post-baby.  Well, my plan has worked okay; but definitely not perfect.  I have lost 5 more pounds and have 5 more to go.  I was really hoping to get this baby weight off before Thanksgiving arrives (I haven't given up yet. Still 2 weeks away) because I know the holidays will be really hard to eat great and exercise a lot.  

As for exercise, I have continued to take walks with the baby and dog and I have also been doing the Kangoo Jumps classes that I talked about in my last update.  I have done some stair master and elliptical work at the gym as well and I am really needing to start back lifting weights.  I know that even when I lose these last 5 lbs that I will still have a long way to go as far as toning up goes.  

Here's a look at pregnancy pictures from when I was 8 weeks and 11 weeks and still had a flatter stomach.  The last photo is me now at 20 weeks postpartum and still working on getting that stomach flat again!  I had also been working out with a trainer for about 6 months before I got pregnant doing some weight training.  It definitely helped with toning and unfortunately, I think I lost all of that when I was pregnant.

I'm considering joining a new gym at the first of the year that offers child care.  They will actually start taking babies as early as like 6 weeks old, but I think I would be more comfortable after Christmas when Brody is 6 months old to leave him there.  

I'll take all suggestions for losing the last 5 pounds!  I have a feeling that these could be the hardest.   I have actually heard from more than one person that the last few pregnancy pounds did not fall off for them until after they quit breastfeeding.   It's almost like your body holds onto that extra weight for milk production or something.  Have you experienced that??  I'm still breastfeeding and not sure when I will give it up yet, but I'm curious if that was the case for any of you! 


  1. Is it bad that I think you look GREAT even just 8 week pp?! I haven't even weighed myself since I've left the hospital. I know I still have some extra pounds. But right now it's not bothering me. I've just been eating healthy and doing my daily workouts:)

  2. I still have about 5 pounds left to lose too. I figure as long as I'm breastfeeding that weight is going to hang around. My breasts definitely are not getting any smaller. HA!

  3. 12 months postpartum for me and I still have a few pounds to go! However, not one single pregnancy pound just "fell off" for me. I stickly breastfed but gave still had to work off every single pound with diet and exercise :( Just not one of those lucky people... And I agree, you look great!

  4. I think you look great! Don't be too hard on yourself and enjoy those holidays!