Gift List 2013: For Him

Guys are always tough to shop for in my opinion.  They typically tend to be less interested in the "things" and the clothes than women are and never are very good at telling you exactly what they want...or at least this has been my experience. 

I rounded up a few items here that I may be planning on giving my husband this year as well as a few items I have given him in the past that he absolutely adores and so I thought I would share the love.  If you missed it yesterday, I posted some stocking stuffer ideas for him too. 

Gift List 2013: For Him

LL Bean Toiletry Bag - There are some really nice looking toiletry bags out there for men, but not many are as practical and organized as this one from LL Bean.  I had a few of these growing up and they were great and I purchased one for my husband as a gift and he has been hooked ever since.  It has so many great compartments and a hook to hang it up and is very durable.  Plus you can monogram it!
Easy Shine Electric Shoe Polisher - What man couldn't use a nice shoe polisher??
Michael Kors Silver Wrist Watch - My husband doesn't wear a watch, but he talks about them and I think he would wear it if I found the right one.  Michael Kors kills it with great women's watches and I love this one for the men.  I might have to consider it...
USB Phone Charger for iPhone - JCrew sold something similar to this last year, but these are great for an extra boost on your iPhone when your battery is dead.
Tumi Leather Briefcase - My husband told me the other day that this is his all time favorite gift I have ever given him.  It wasn't cheap my friends, but it was so worth it.  He has carried it every day since I gave it to him as his briefcase and he loves how durable it is and all the great compartments.   If your man is in need of a new briefcase, I highly recommend this one.
Baxter Check Whale Shirt - We love us some Vineyard Vines in our household.  Matt always gets some of these shirts for Christmas because I love them and so does he.  I can't wait until I can start dressing the little man up in some VV.
Beats Headphones - Fantastic headphones for a traveling man plus they are super stylish...

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I hope these items help you shop for the men in your life this year and I always love to hear what you have come up with so please share with a comment!! 


  1. I always really struggle to find gifts for hubby, these are some awesome ideas - thank you!

  2. My husband is difficult to shop for - but I do find that he talks about stuff like flashlights and fishing stuff often. So even though I find those gifts so boring that is usually what he gets!