Madelyn Faye : Month Nine

I'm a little behind on these since she will actually be 10 months this week, but I still have to post them because these are what I use to reference when I finally get around to writing in her baby book a few months from now!

Nine Months as of June 14th, 2016

20 lbs 2 oz (75%) at 9 month wellness visit 6/28/16
29.5 inches (95%)

You are wearing 9 month to 18 month clothes
size 2 and 3 shoes
Size 4 diapers

You are sleeping like a champ.  You generally sleep from 7pm to 7am.  You nap two times a day, but some days this summer have already been a little hectic and sometimes you only get one.  Your naps are about 1.5 hrs long. 

7am Wake & Bottle
7:30am Breakfast
9:30 Nap
11am Wake & Bottle
12pm Lunch
1:30 or 2pm Nap
330pm Wake & Bottle
5pm Dinner
6:30 Bath & Bottle
7pm Bedtime

Thankfully you have been healthy all month but have had a sporadic runny nose for about two weeks that must be from teething. 

You cry when mommy leaves the room
when you get your diaper changed
when you get out of the bath tub to put on your jammies

You take 4 (6-8oz) bottles a day
You eat three meals a day
Yogurt for breakfast typically
Fruit and Veggies purees for lunch and dinner
You pretty much like anything these days...sweet potatoes, apple, corn, kale, spinach, cauliflower, chickpeas, pineapple, black eyed peas, squash

you love watching your brother's every move
chasing the dog
playing peek-a-boo
listening to music

Brody grabbing and tackling you
diaper changes

Started saying Mama 
Pulling up and walking when holding on to things
Taking your first couple of steps holding onto things and using push toys

Places You’ve Gone:
Rosemary Beach for family vacation

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  1. Such a sweetheart! I can't believe she's going to be one soon. I still need to do baby books for both my boys, whoops!

  2. Love love loveeee all of the photos! She's so precious! Happy 10 months sweety! Xo

  3. Love following her as she grows! I cannot believe she is almost ten months old already! She's adorable!