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Welcome to another Thoughts for Thursdays.  You can write about anything as we often do and all you have to do is link back to Natalie and I's blog and share your post below.  We love hearing from each of you and hopefully you enjoy hopping around to a few new blogs each week.

+ The new season of Suits premiered last night and I was so excited to catch it.  There are very few shows on the air these days that aren't total chick trash that I follow along with these days, but Suits happens to be one of them.  Do we have any other Suits fans out there??  These two boys aren't bad to have to look at either.   Have I ever mentioned that I went to high school with the girl that plays Dana Scott? Her name is Abby Spencer.

+ For those of you that don't know, Pensacola (where I live) is home to the Blue Angels.  They fly here this weekend and today I'm heading to a luncheon on Pensacola Beach with all of the Blue Angel wives where we watch the Blues do a practice run before the weekend.

+ I shared a few outfits on Instagram this week and had a few questions on where items came from.  Here's a quick round-up.

I'm sad that this cute off-shoulder dress keeps going out of stock, but I'm also loving it in black too.

Dress also available in black | Earrings | Shoes

I own this cotton, swing dress in two different colors now because it's so comfortable.  I need cotton in Florida during the summer otherwise it just sticks to me! 

Swing Dress {on sale} |  Sandals

I told you I've been loving my rompers lately.  I wish I was quick enough to snag up this romper in the Navy blue, but I'm loving this orange color too. The tie waist helps hide my love handles which is a total plus in my book :) I will say that this romper is just barely long enough in the stride for me (I'm 5'9").  That's always been my problem with rompers in the past, but it still fits comfortably. 

+ Today starts the BIG Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for credit/debit card holders.   I'm certain you will see 9 million blog posts about it.  I always have mixed feelings about this sale because I am 100% not ready to start shopping for cold weather clothes.  In Florida, it's not boot weather until December most times and I would rather be spending my money buying summer clothes that are going on sale right now.  However, I always end up buying a few things.  I usually like to grab some new work out gear and I love grabbing some of my favorite beauty product too.

+ Would any of you be interested in receiving my blog posts directly into your inbox?  I didn't think I really liked this concept at first, but now I really do.  I've been receiving mine for awhile now and the posts look really nice through email.  It's really best for people that aren't used to checking blogs on a daily basis (hello family!) and you can just have new posts delivered right to your inbox.  I would be flattered for you to follow along.  Just subscribe below. 

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  1. Rompers are so perfect! At first when they got popular for adults I had a hard time finding one that fit right. I ended up going up a size and really love the old navy ones. Looking forward to next year without baby bump to wear them again! Xo

  2. We love Suits but were disappointed in last nights episode. I have no idea where the show is going but I hope it picks up! Love that white off the shoulder dress!

  3. I love Suits :) I am not sure how they are going to keep it going but we love watching it

  4. Have fun at the lunch!! I'm so scared of planes I think I'd have to close my eyes just watching them fly! I haven't even heard of Suits...I'll have to check it out!

  5. We are big Suits fans over here! But we are a season behind since we usually watch it on Amazon Prime. And I really like that swing dress!

  6. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for the link-up.

  7. Beautiful outfits, I am so addicted to Suits, great story, hot cast! Thank you for the linkup party per usual and hope to see you at WW linkup!

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  8. Suits sounds great. Thanks for sharing! I love your outfits too. The flower dress and romper are both beautiful and I am a sucker for an off-shoulder little white dress - love yours!

    Welcome by and join my latest style linkup with your fabulous style. A new linkup is live every Thursday!


    Thanks and have a great weekend! Ada =)