It's the ONE-DAY Amazon Prime Sale

It's like Christmas in July!!

My husband jokes on a monthly basis that I must be seeing the UPS man because we get far too many packages to our door than one should allow.  90% of the time it's an Amazon package because I love to order EVERYTHING from there.  

Today is Prime day with lots of great sales!! I've already picked up a few great items including some Christmas gifts for the kids which is a miracle because I NEVER shop this early. Well, what will actually be a miracle is if I can save the gifts until Christmas and not give them up before then!

If you're not a PRIME member, you're crazy (or you may not have kids yet). And you need to sign up now

These are a few of my favorites today! They are also constantly running "lightening deals" throughout the day, so you can check back often and see what is new for sale.  But it also means that some deals only last for a limited time throughout the day.  All sales end at midnight tonight, so don't waste too much time!

Amazon Fire TV Stick {only $24.99}- We have these and love them! Tons of apps including Pandora and Prime shows and movies all on your TV. 
Amazon Echo Speaker {$50 off} - I gave this to Matt for Christmas and he has become obsessed.  Her name is Alexa and we talk to her every night.  She plays tons of music for us and we bring her all over the house- inside and out!
Amazon Kindle Paperweight {25% off}- This has been on my wishlist and I think I'm going to buy it for myself today!  It will help with my goal to read more books.
Amazon Fire Kids {30% off}- I love the two year guarantee that comes with this purchase and the perfect Christmas gift for Brody! 

Maternity Body Pillow {over 60% off}- awesome body pillow for pregnant mamas is a MUST. 
Skip Hop Night Light with Melodies- love this little nightlight for babies room and that it has music too. 
Dohm Sound Machine- great sound machine with natural white noise for nursery. 
Silicon Baby Food Freezer Tray- these are hands down the best for making and freezing baby food!

Mara Hoffman Off-Shoulder Cover Up- This has been on my wish-list and I haven't taken the plunge yet. 
Lots of Mara Hoffman Swim Suits and Clothing - Lots of cute swimwear and athletic wear too!
Jack Roger Sandals {lots at 30% off} - I can never have enough JR sandals.  They are so comfortable to me and always so cute.
Kate Spade Shoes & Hand Bags- I can never get enough KS handbags and I'm loving her shoes this summer too! My pineapple flat sandals are my favorites. 

There are tons of great deals its tough to choose.  But if you are an early Christmas gift buyer, than you should be in hog heaven today :)

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