Thoughts for Thursday : Throwing a Dinner Party

Sorry I'm late! I have an excuse for being so behind on the blog this week.  I've been a busy little bee working on the house projects that I talked about last Friday!! It feels SO GOOD too.  

Did you know that throwing a party at your house is the best way to motivate you to get shit done??? It is.  I have already knocked out half of the 5 projects I talked about plus an extra project in our garage that I will share with you one day soon!  I tried to snap as many pictures as I could last night before our dinner party because the house never looked cleaner or prettier.  Honestly, I didn't snap enough because I ran out of time; but I did get a few good ones.  

You see those mirrors on each side of the fireplace? They finally got hung this week.  It's been 9 months and it feels so good.  They used to just lean against the wall on those demi-lune tables, but they became dangerous once Brody was mobile.  We had to take them down and stare at the blank wall for the last 4 months or so.  It makes the room feel so much more complete now that they are up!  I can give a big thanks to my Momma for making that happen :)

I decluttered the living area a bit and added a few pops of Fall decor and it felt so good!! 

We sat 10 people at our dining room table (we brought a few more chairs in) and it really didn't feel too crowded.  I love knowing that we can have everyone sitting at the same table.  

You know that fine china you register for at your wedding and rarely use?? Well I broke it out for the dinner party and it was so much fun and looked so pretty.  Sadly, our formal dinner plates haven't arrived to my house yet as it took me over 2 years from our wedding to finally order them.  #pathetic. But we had a great alternative and no one even noticed.  

I posted this photo of the bar on Instagram {@homeofmalones} last night and you all loved it!!  It was fun getting such a positive response from all of you that it made me even more excited to share the rest of the photos with you.  

We had an amazing meal, but sadly I did not get very good photos.  This was a lobster cheesecake appetizer with a side of melon that was heavenly.  

And I only got one picture of some of the guest from the actual party and it's not a very good one at that.  But it is of me and my brothers so that makes me very happy!!!

I had so much fun getting ready for this party with the help of my Mom.  I can't tell you how good it made me feel to have my house clean, a reason to organize and decorate (I finished the office and can't wait to show you), gorgeous flowers all around, and family and friends to share it all with.

Here are a few quick tips for throwing a dinner party:
- Prep as much as you can ahead of time
- Have fresh flowers
- Light a candle in the bathroom and put a small vase with a flower if possible
- Light candle
- Make sure wine or champagne is chilled if needed
- Use place cards at the table (mine weren't put out yet when I took those photos)
- Make sure table is set before your guest arrive
- Play soft music through TV or stereo system
- Try to relax, have fun, and enjoy your guests!!

What am I missing??  What do you do to prepare for a party or even just when guests come over to your house for a casual gathering??

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Thoughts for Thursday


  1. Ooh love your big ottoman and your dishes are lovely. I think you need to share the cheesecake app recipe asap!

  2. Adore that tablescape! Such pretty dishes!

  3. wow! Love your table set up! So pretty! You did an awesome job! Hosting a dinner party is a lot of work, but so fun to pull it off!

  4. Loooove it! Nothing like having a deadline of guests coming over to force you to get to work!! Can't wait to see the finished office!

  5. ooh I love your tips, and your house looks to die for!

  6. Stunning, all of it!! You make me want to have a formal dinner party :)

  7. Your house is GORGEOUS! Seriously, dream home! You also throw a mean dinner party! I am drooling over that lobster app (do I spy caviar?)

  8. Your house is gorgeous!! And lobster cheesecake?!! Recipe please!!

  9. Your home is absolutely gorgeous! You MUST share the recipe for that lobster cheesecake!!

  10. Isn't it amazing how having people over can totally get your butt in gear to get stuff done around the house?! Your table setting is gorgeous!! I love the mirrors hung up. Our family room feels like chaos all the time with all Miller's toys everywhere- yours looks so peaceful!

  11. Oh man. I'm dying to throw a dinner party! We're still in a small apartment so it's impossible to have more than 2 other people over. I love how you have everything set--gorgeous!
    I love the tip about fresh flowers. Flowers are so underrated.

  12. wow! im impressed -- everything is so grown up ;) i love your table + plates! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  13. This looks so amazing... I feel like throwing a dinner party now... and decorating my house for fall... and getting some flowers!!!

  14. You did a great job! I know how much work it takes to put together a party at your home! WE have hosted our fair share lately, and I am always stressed about them, but it feels so good when it all comes together. Your home is gorgeous.

  15. Everything looks gorgeous! Nothing like a dinner party to get everything in gear!

  16. Love this! I always love having dinner parties too and your right it definitely puts the motivation to have everything clean all at once, which feels nice. I always have to have lots of small appetizers for the guests to munch on while waiting for everyone to arrive and the main food to be ready, it also helps everyone from over drinking ;)
    I love your house, its so beautiful.. I envy those ceiling beams!!

  17. Love all the tips! I'm going to try and incorporate some for our next dinner party.

  18. Your house is stunning and looked gorgeous!! Love the tips too :) yay for a successful (and beautiful) dinner party!

  19. love your home!

  20. your home is so elegant! gorgeous set up.

  21. I want to come to your next dinner party. AND, I want you to come to Jacksonville and decorate my house. AND, I love the William Yeoward Gosford (almost got it for our wedding, but went with a more muted gold and green at the last minute.) GORGEOUS, Annie!! xo

  22. I swear, your home is out of a magazine!!! Beautiful place settings!!

  23. Yeah dear!! I always throw party at my home only just except one occasion. It was our first anniversary only when I had booked one of lovely party places Miami, else it feels so good throwing party at home. This way I save my money too. Well I just loved your home interior.