Five on Friday

Happy Friday Ya'll!! 

Here are my five favorites from the week...

I haven't actually blogged about it all month, but I have been participating in Natalie's 30-day Closet Remix Challenge.  I've done a terrible job of posting any outfits so far, but I did snap this one on Instagram the other day.  This is really the perfect month for me to not buy any clothes because it's still 90+ degrees here in September and my focus this month is finishing projects on my house!

My Mom's been in town all week and we've had a ball!! She has spoiled sweet Brody bear to death and caught up on kisses she's missed out on all month.  It's so nice having her around for the extra set of hands and for the years of practice she's had in the kitchen.  She's a gourmet chef I tell ya.  But I will just share this cute french toast breakfast she made for Brody one morning. 

My Mom and I were so productive this week while she was in town.  I love shopping and running errands with her!  We went to our favorite home furniture store, Duh, and found these beauties which I've been NEEDING.  When I saw them in the store, I wasn't sure how the fabric would work in my family room; but they are perfection!  They are exactly what I needed in our room to add extra seating when needed, but also to use as footrests for the chairs in the room. 

I found the cutest wreath this week for fall!!  Seriously, I die over these pumpkin head football people.  Locals, I found it at Celebrations.

I shared this picture yesterday from my dinner party of a Lobster Cheesecake Appetizer.  Since this was not something I made, I had to find you guys a similar recipe.  Emeril Lagasse has one here

We're looking forward to a relaxing few days at home this weekend with one fun party tomorrow night!  Hope you have a great one :)

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  1. mmmm that french toast looks so good! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Seriously, those new footstools are perfection!!!! Aaand that fancy French toast isn't looking too shabby right now either. :)

  3. Your mom is who I aspire to be with her style and kitchen skills!! Those lucite benches are amazing and so is the name of that furniture store! Hope you have a great weekend girl! xo

  4. Love that outfit. I need a pair of Hunter boots! And really love your acrylic stools! Happy Weekend!

  5. i like your outfit and the necklace too!!! your living room is adorable. i love how it matches yet it's not too overwhelmingly matchy (you know what i mean?). now i want a cute fall wreath too .

  6. yes to all of this! Yay for mama time and that outfit is so cute with the pop of reds! (ps I'm loving your family room!) Happy weekend! xoxo

  7. That recipe sounds amazing. I basically love anything that revolves around Lobster and cheese. Love those red Hunters!

  8. Loving your red Hunters! I got a pair of black ones last year and I wore them so much that I think I need a second :) Happy Friday!

  9. That french toast looks yummy, but your little guy doesn't look too sure of it. lol. Glad you got to spend some quality time with your mama. Love the new foot stools/chairs! Have a great weekend!

  10. Yay! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Loved your rainy day look - just too cute. Great addition to your living space with the new acrylic pieces, too!

  11. laughing that the store is actually called "duh" - pretty living space!

  12. Love love that wreath! I need to find something similar! And I also got a big laugh out of "Duh" haha ... how could you not shop there, lol.


  13. Lobster cheesecake sounds like the most incredible thing ever. We'll definitely be jumping on that recipe and thanks for letting us know it exists!

    xx 365hangers

  14. Love those beaches & that ottoman! Gorgeous! Happy Friday!

  15. Yay for participating in the 30 day closet remix! We're almost half way through September. So fun to have your mom in town and I love the stools you picked up! They go perfect in your living room.

  16. I love how sweetly you talk about your mama!! I bet that makes her so proud. And those benches - SWOON!! Need those!! What store did you snag them from?? XO

  17. Your outfit is so cute. I love those rain boots! I've always been intrigued by that challenge but have always been afraid to attempt it. I'm a chicken!

    Glad you had such a good time with your Mom. Mom's are the BEST!!!

  18. Thanks for finding that recipe! The name of that store cracks me up! But I love those benches!! Hope you're having a great weekend with your Mom!

  19. I love that wreath that is so incredible, I want it.
    The benches look amazing too, I want something like that as well

    Came over from Leslie's to say hey

  20. Love those little lucite footrest/stools. Your ottoman is beautiful. That would make me so happy to look at every day. Love your house! XO

  21. Absolutely love how you incorporated those new stools! And not surprisingly, your red Hunter Boots are amazing!