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Happy Friday Ladies!! It's great having a short week, but I have to admit that it keeps me feeling behind all week long.

We had a big week as it was Brody's first week in Mom's Day Out (MDO).  He's already come home with a runny nose/mild cough and had to be picked up an hour early due to an after lunch meltdown.  #prayingitgetsbetter

However, now that I do have Brody in school two mornings a week; I plan to tackle a few projects around the house that have been weighing on me for months since we moved in!!!

||  Gallery wall ||
This should be simple.  The hard part was putting the gallery wall together.  But I have yet to change out the photos in the frame with new and updated photos.  Most of these pictures are from when I was right out of college.  It's pathetic.  There is not one picture of Brody in those frames yet.  I MUST do this!!

||  Home Office ||
This is the current state of our home office.  I don't think I've ever shared a photo of it before because it has been the most neglected room in the house and the catch-all room for all of our shit! The baby swing and Bumbo are still out for when my nephew comes over.  The glass desk is chic and completely UNFUNCTIONAL!! errr.  But I'm determined to make it work for at least the short-term.

I'm ecstatic to have an Ikea Expedit because we don't have Ikea in my town, but now I'm struggling to style it the way I want it.  I wrote a post back in January on inspiration to style different areas of our home.  Hopefully I can refer back to it again and take action!

This is the closet in our office that is completely junked up!! One day I will take everything out of this closet and re-organize.  I wish that I had done a better job designing this closet before we moved in know that it was an office closet and not needed to hang clothes.

||  Family room  ||
Our family room has evolved into Brody's playroom which is absolutely what I feared before moving into this house.  It's a double edged sword.  I  love having one large living area that is completely open and I can see Brody while working in the kitchen or anywhere else.  The problem with that is all  of his toys come along with it....

We've had to completely remove everything from the soft-tufted coffee table because he would just throw it on the floor anyway.  It is now used as a changing table.  Seriously.  The mirrors that lived above each of the half-moon tables you see below have been stored away until my husband will hang them because they were too dangerous.  Brody would shake the tables and the mirror could come tumbling down.  

**Please note this is the cleaned up version of our toy storage in the family room**

|| Mantel in Master ||
We have a see-through fire place in our master bedroom/bathroom with a mantel all the way around.  This mantel is so hard to decorate!!  I kind of just threw stuff up there when we moved in because I needed a place for it and then I've just left it.  It looks bad and I'm ready to do something about it!  
I need some artwork for the bathtub side plus some decor and then I need to figure out what kind of style I want for the bedroom side.  We don't have many places in our house for pictures, so a bunch of frames ended up there. 

||  Laundry Room  ||
Lastly, I would like a few simple changes in our laundry room.  I have a little shelf that I can hang between machines and the cabinets that I can store some supplies on and free up the tops for folding laundry.  I'd just like to make it a little bit happier spot!!

I'm focusing on these projects this month and would love to think I could get all of it done, so that when October gets here I will be ready to decorate for the holidays!!!  

What are you trying to accomplish this month??  

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  1. I can already see how fabulous your home office is going to be because that desk is perfection!!! Can't wait to see how it all turns out - I'm such a fan of your house - it's gorgeous!

  2. I say this every time, but I love your house! I can't wait to see what the finished projects look like! You have the toy storage corralled really well!!

  3. i love your gallery wall! i need to switch up a few of our old photos too. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Love your house!! Don't even get me started on our family room and the toy situation...ugh. We have a basement playroom yet most of Miller's toys are still in our family room because it's so much easier to have him upstairs near me when I need to get stuff done. Your toy corralling looks good- ours looks awful! Can't wait to see all the updates and I hope MDO gets better for Brody!

  5. I love y'alls house! The living room is so open and has so much light!

  6. My office would totally look like that if it weren't open to the living room for guests to see! I'm with you on styling mantels and shelving, it's really tough! I find if I want it to look pretty it often loses its functionality and I'm even more unorganized. haha Good luck! Hope the little guy does better at MDO next week!!

  7. I am obsessed with your house. Nothing else to even say.

  8. Hey I love all of your spaces! Mess or no mess! Ha! -especially the gallery wall and home office. Hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend! xoxo

  9. Your house is very pretty! I like the paint, the fireplaces and the furniture. I laughed about the home office because I just had crap all over my office until I bought a space organizer. But- I also bought a picture to hang which has not been hung and it has been sitting waiting to be hung. Not to mention the photos we said we were going to hang (about 2 yrs ago) that haven't been hung.

  10. Love that gallery wall! I want to do one in the new house, too but not sure where yet! And I have a feeling that is what our office is going to turn into... the catch all room. But I guess everyone needs one of those, right?! Happy happy Friday!

  11. Omg the rug in your office is so pretty! I love the bold black and white, need.

  12. Obsessed with the rug in your office and it looks like you get lots of natural light in there. Love that! Your house is gorgeous Annie!

  13. Your home is gorgeous!! I actually love your office. The rug gives the room so much life. I want it...just not sure where I would put it ! You're family room is really beautiful too. I have a playroom and toys still end up in the family room. I was babysitting recently and the little boy I was watching asked me why we have two playrooms haha! XO

  14. It looks like the projects that you have to accomplish shouldn't be TOO awful. You've got such great bones in that house...and you've done such a good job with it....I'm sure the few updates you make will be beautiful.

    I talk SUCH a big game about hating toddle toys all of the house, and blah blah blah, and I wont let my future kids wreck my aesthetic....pfffffff, I'm pretty sure that it's just impossible!

  15. toddle, and toddler....either or! ;)

  16. Ahhhh! That double-sided fireplace! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Your gallery wall looks great too...I really need to get on that for our house!

  17. Your house is gorgeous!! I die over your master bedroom/bathroom... I want a fireplace in mine!

  18. Sooo your house is amazing! Love that fireplace in the master bedroom! Looks amazing! xo

  19. What a gorgeous home! Love the fireplace and your office space... Toys & all. :)

  20. I love your house! Can't wait to see what you do. I love the wrap around mantel.

  21. Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy. Can't wait to see the end results :)

  22. Stopping by from Lauren's link up. Your home is stunning and you have such a great canvas to work from already! Excellent job actually hanging the picture frames as that's the hardest part! Your office has so much potential! I think the glass desk could totally work if you utilize certain organizational/decorative items and let the desk itself stand out and use alternative storage elsewhere around the room. The space above the fireplace in the bathroom would look great with a large mirror and on the flip side of the wall, use larger elements to offset the TV and height of the mantle. Sorry, being an interior decorator and seeing what you have to work with makes me light up with ideas. Enjoy working on your home and have a wonderful weekend! http://www.mysimplisticideal.com