Travel Tuesday : Brody and I head to Vail

I'm changing things up today from my normal Taste of Tuesday mainly because I haven't cooked anything new to share, but also because Brody and I are taking our first adventure out West!! 

We are heading out to Vail, CO with my Mom for a whole week.  I'm so excited to go out there, but definitely sad too because we are leaving hubby at home.  Thankfully, my Mom will be flying out with Brody and I on the way there; but on the way home it will just be me and the Brodster.  I'm pretty nervous about flying home by myself, but trying to stay calm. 

We have no real plans while we're out there, but hopefully we will do some biking, hiking and lots of swimming with the little guy.  I truly just love walking around the cute little town and taking in the dry and much cooler air! 

What I need from my Mom friends out there is any suggestions for flying with young kids.  One of my sweet friends just got back from flying with her 18mo old to California and she did a great job of finding some cute new toys on Etsy that she is letting me borrow.  I'm also making sure my iPad is 100% charged and loaded with lots of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  

As for actually traveling through the airport, my friend is letting me borrow a gadget similar to this below.  It seems pretty genius to me and I'm praying it works and that Brody will be a happy camper in it!  

My Mom already has a stroller, a few toys, and a pack N play at the house; so thankfully I am not having to travel with all of that.  Mainly, I am just needing to bring the carseat and a way to transport Brody through the airports.  

I'm planning on packing Brody and I in the same suitcase and checking that bag.  I figure I will probably have one or two bags with me through the airport depending on how well I can consolidate. Hopefully I can get it all in one.  

I will gate check the carseat and roller hopefully without any problems.  

What are your suggestions for getting through the airport with these baby/toddlers?  What about once you are on the plane? What's worked for you??

I can't wait to spend the week with my Momma and looking forward to lots of fun and relaxation.  I shouldn't have any problem keeping up with the blog and excited to share our adventures with ya'll!!!

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  1. How fun - a trip to CO will be great!! I don't have my own kids yet obviously - but have travelled with my two nieces and nephew and the key is entertainment when they aren't sleeping. Which is probably a given...but also have something for them to chew for when the plane is ascending and descending...those are my only two cents which I'm sure you already knew lol!! Keep it as light as possible for your own sanity haha

  2. I trip to CO in the summertime sounds like so much fun! There is so much to do there and it is so pretty! Traveling with a little one is something that I am very frightened of! It looks like you have all the right stuff to help and a good attitude as well. Because with kids good attitudes are important!

    good luck!
    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  3. That travelmate is genius! Hope you have a great trip! Life as I know it

  4. Safe travels, love! Vail in August...swoon!!! xx

  5. You will travel so well! You are already SO prepared! I love Vail, that's going to be SO fun! I travelled with Avery cross-country every month the first two years of her life and my best tips are to tire them out WAY before they get on the plane. Early wake up and adjusted nap time. We always packed a small pillow and blanket so the kids can get all snuggled up just like in their cribs/beds. The magic notebooks (not sure what they're called) are my go-to travel toy. They have the clear market that makes the pages turn color. This is a terrible explanation I will look and see what they are called, but they can't make any mess with them and we don't open them until we get on the plane. I also get the really small containers of play dough so we can toss them out when we are done!

  6. What a fun trip, I can't wait to read all about it! I love CO but I've never been to vail, just through it. Have so much fun :)

  7. How fun! I've never been out that way so I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures! Travel safely! xoxo

  8. I agree, the travel mate is genius!!! I love Vail!! Take lots of pictures!!!

  9. I don't have any suggestions for you but have the BEST time!! And take lots of pictures! :)

  10. Colorado in the summer is just perfection and a whole week with your mom?? Color me jealous! I think the iPad will be your best friend on the flight...

  11. I love Vail! I've only spent a weekend there in early November, but I'd love to go in the summer when you can hike around more. Have so much fun!

  12. What a fun trip to look forward to! I've only been to Denver but I love CO. You'll have a great time!

  13. OMG so jealous of your trip! I bet Vail is gorgeous this time of year! Have an amazing time!!

    <3, Pamela

  14. I hope Brody stays entertained or can get comfy enough to sleep. I would be interested in hearing how you help him stay comfortable when the pressure changes and his ears pop. That is always tough for me with the kids. Have fun with Momma! xoxo