Mid Week Muse : Travel Clothes + Accessories

If you read my post yesterday, you know that Brody and I are traveling to Vail today!  I'm definitely no expert at traveling with a baby as this is my very first time on a commercial flight with him, but from what I've heard from other Mama's and from what I've read...I think I'm off to a pretty good start! 

I know that I always love to be comfortable on the plane, but I hate to be cold or hot.  I chose to wear leggings and an oversized tunic today with some comfy TB flats.  I'm skipping the stroller through the airport because my Mom already has one in Colorado and I'm using this carseat roller to strap Brody in and ride through the airport.  

We will gate check the car seat and roller as Brody will be sitting on my lap for the flight.  Thankfully my Mom bought my ticket with her miles and we're in first class, so we will have a little extra space.  

I'll have the diaper bag and one other bag with some of Brody's toys with me in the the airport.  Neither are too heavy so hopefully I will be okay.  What's in my diaper bag? Read about that, here

Flying Needs for Mama

I'm planning on the iPad being my saving grace with Brody for the plane ride, but I packed some other goodies to occupy his time for some of the trip too!!
Flying Needs for Baby

JCrew Leggings // Hello Onesie // Black Soft Sole Shoes // Felt Quiet Activity Book // Aden and Anais Bamboo Blanket

I want Brody to be really comfortable for the flight out to Colorado.  These cute leggings from J. Crew baby caught my eye and I knew he needed them for the visit.  Unfortunately, I don't have that cute black Hello Onesie, but hopefully I can find something else comfortable for him.  The reality is that I would rather a shirt than a onesie anyways for ease of changing the diapers in the airport!

The wipes case is for storing lots of different kinds of snacks for Brody without them getting crushed.    He loves his Aden and Anais bamboo blanket and sleeps with it everyday, so I know that will keep him cozy and comfortable.  The iPad holder is something we use in the car, but it can also be strapped to the tray in front of you on the plane and hopefully will work perfectly!

That felt book is handmade and amazing and is what my friend is letting us borrow for the trip.  It has tons of pages that provides lots of entertainment for the kids.  I hope Brody loves it because he doesn't get to see it until we get on the flight!

I hope I'm not missing anything today because if I am, it's too late!!! See you guys tomorrow for Thoughts for Thursday where I will probably be sharing some of my thoughts of traveling with a baby and any other random thoughts after we made it to Vail!!! 

And if you missed it yesterday, be sure to check out Biana's closet as she's have a fabulous Blog Sale this week!!

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  1. That is the perfect outfit for flying! I'm all about comfort when I'm on a plane. Have fun in Vail!!

  2. great list! i love wearing comfy clothes when i fly! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Have a safe (and good!) flight and trip!!

  4. Love that carseat holder/roller - genius! Have a great and safe flight!

  5. Have a great trip! Totally loving your Flying Needs For Mama! That outfit is perfection for flying!

    <3, Pamela

  6. How brilliant is that carseat roller! Cute travel outfits! You and Brody will be stylin'! ;) Have fun on your trip!

  7. Perfect travel outfit, I love that. Gosh, I want those TB sandals!

  8. leggings on a plane is all i would wear! i'm all about some comfort too. you have picked great choices :)

  9. That iPad holder thingy is genius! I love your outfit but I would totally grab a scarf to throw in....just in case.....those damn things are like blankets, paper towels, sleep masks...my plane ride must have!

  10. The neverfull is seriously the best travel bag ever - there is no limit to how much can be crammed in there!! Brody is going to be so comfy in the outfit you have picked for him!! Hope you guys have the best time!!

  11. Um the baby stroller is genius! He looks a little unsure in the picture but whatever works as far as making travel easier ;)

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  13. I also go for comfy + warm when traveling... usually leggings and a sweater or a maxi dress in summer. I'm always SO cold on airplanes so I make sure to layer up! Hope you had a safe trip!

  14. Have a great trip y'all! Love your essentials - especially that fabric book for B! Can't wait to hear all about Vail!

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  16. That carseat roller is cracking me up...how perfect for an airport!

  17. I'm book marking this for when I fly with Miller! So glad it went well and hope the trip home is the same! The iPad with Mickey Mouse clubhouse saved us on our drive last week- I have no idea what people did with kids before iPads and portable DVD players!!