Five on Friday | Favorites this Week

Keeping it simple today and mostly giving an Instagram {@homeofmalones) recap of some of my favorites this week....

Oh yeah, and Happy First Day of August!! WOW.

I'm looking forward to a pretty fun month to wrap up the quickly fleeting summer we've had this year!

{Favorite Food}

I made this deliciousness this week and loved it.  It was even a hit with the hubby and the baby.   I love brussel sprouts but I'm not always sure that they will.
Bacon and Brussel Sprout Mac and Cheese

{Favorite Dress}

I'm in love with this dress and it's on major sale right now at J. Crew Factory.  Yes, those are leather front pockets. 

{Favorite Links}

This article about Instagram vs Real Life
Tess' thoughts on what makes a blog appealing

{Favorite Jewelry}

I know I talked about this already earlier in the week, but I love this bracelet.  And this bag.
 (Click link for details.)

{Favorite Kid}

This kid can seriously drive me crazy in the late afternoons. I mean, for real.  My poor husband has to come home and I'm always saying, "this kid is driving me nuts!"  He's always overtired and I'm tired  of being his full-time entertainment by 4:30pm.  Outside has been a little cooler in the afternoons, so we are trying this for awhile...

{Favorite Song}

Whitney (I wore yoga pants)
Lauren Elizabeth for High Five Friday
Jennie for Friday Favorites
Rebecca for That Friday Blog Hop
Leslie for Confessional Friday
Amy for Oh hey Friday
Amanda for Friday Favorites

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  1. LOVE that J.Crew dress! Leather pockets? Yes please! And that cuff is amazing. I want that GiGi bag in the picture too! :) Happy Friday!!

    <3, Pamela

  2. That mac n cheese looks delish! I mean anything with mac n cheese and bacon has to be good, right? I love that article about IG! So true! Also, loving your J Crew dress! Happy Friday!!

  3. I saw that recipe on Natalie's blog this week and my mouth was watering!! So glad you liked it!! I seriously love all your clothes - so much color!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. Cute bag and dress!! And even though he drives you nuts, he's a pretty cute kid :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. As soon as I am done cleansing I need to make that mac and cheese! It looks amazing! I love that dress and the bag! You wear brights so well! I also can't believe you make it to 4:30! I'm texting my husband on his way to work ha! Have a great weekend girl!

  6. I can't wait to try that mac-n-cheese, it sounds so good! Loving that dress on you, it's so pretty as is that necklace you have with it! Going to check out that instagram article - sounds interesting!

  7. Brussel sprout mac-n-cheese? Ok!! Must try. Girlfriend, I feel your pain with the afternoons. I feel guilty for passing Lily off to my husband after a busy day though. Yesterday, I literally went to the grocery store for one item (plus a bottle of wine) after he got home and just sat in my car and listen to the silence for 30 minutes before going inside. Mom secrets, I tell ya. I hear it gets better...eventually. ;)


  8. I have fallen in love with that song too, girl has some pipes! Loving your bag :)

  9. I might have to try that mac and cheese- it looks yummy! I love that J Crew dress. Your kid is adorable- just saying! :)

  10. Love that dress! That mac n cheese looks delish! We've been adding bacon & peas to our mac n cheese lately & we love it! Thanks for sharing! Happy Friday!

  11. that black & white dress with the yellow... gorg! and i'm loving that necklace. this would be perfect for the blogger closet i launched today. i would love for you to participate if you would like. :)

  12. must try that mac n cheese! and you look sooooo cute in that striped dress - i saw it in the store recently, and now i''m kicking myself for not scooping it up!! hope you have a lovely weekend, sweetie!!

  13. LOVE that bag in the bright color!! I've had my eye on the black but now the teal is tempting me!!

  14. Ha love your favorite kid choice best I think but the GiGi bag in the teal is a close second ;) Enjoy your weekend!

  15. Love these sweet pics! Must try the mac and cheese, I'm soooo a brussels sprouts fan!! Random I know!

  16. Yum. That mac and cheese looks yummy!
    And girl, I hear you about your kid driving you nuts.My two have been getting on my nerves big time by the afternoon. The constant repeating I do is enough to drive me seriously crazy.
    Have a great weekend!

  17. Mmm that mac and cheese looks so delicious! I need that J Crew dress -- and the Kendra Scott tassel necklace! Love the pop of yellow. Hope you guys had a great weekend!