Thoughts for Thursday : What I learned from my first Blog Sale

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I'm sharing my thoughts about my first blog sale today and what I learned from it. 

Here goes...

- I'm no expert, but I did learn a few things from my first sale last week.  

- It felt so good to go through my closet and get a rid of pieces that I really don't wear anymore.  I had given several bags of clothes away at the beginning of the year when we first moved in the new house, so I felt like the pieces that were left in my closet were quality pieces that I just no longer wore. 

-By trying on a lot of clothes, I actually discovered some old clothes that I really still liked and found new ways that I can wear them.  

- I made sure I was really organized before starting the sale.  With over 50 items, I wanted to make sure I had my shit together before I found myself completely overwhelmed or unprepared.

- I wrote down every item that I planned to put in the sale and grabbed each one to take a photo.

-  I went through old photos and tried to find a picture of myself in that item of clothing.  If I found one, I used PicMonkey to put the items side by side so people could see what it looked like on me.  They weren't always full-length, but they were better than nothing.

- After the sale started, I even snapped a few more selfies in the mirror with a few items because I had a few inquiries from potential buyers.  That's not a bad idea to do from the start too.  

- When coming up with prices, I really just had to give my best guess.  I did do a little research on a few other blogs (DBDD and Style Me Swanky) who I know had sales before or I would check websites like J. Crew to make sure I was in line with a consignment price and not the price of a new piece.  When you are using your best guess, sometimes it comes down to how willing you really are to let it leave your closet...

- These beauties sold this week and honestly I feel like I might shed a small tear when I deliver them...They seriously looked so pretty just sitting in my closet, I'm going to hate to see them go.  But, I know how much they hurt my feet and that I really needed a bigger size and I probably would never wear them again because of the pain they caused...so I'm learning to let go :)

- I loved having the sale on a Friday morning which gave me the entire weekend to get packages organized and ready to ship out on Monday.  

- Before the sale, I went to the US post office and gathered shipping supplies that I thought I might need.  They have tons of free supplies.  I really didn't end up evening using those as I had saved a few boxes recently to get ready for the sale. 

- I ended up shipping everything Priority Mail which comes with free tracking and for mailing packages, they were all the same price as regular mail.  Apparently that can vary, but it happen to be the case for me.  

- Everything I have shipped so far basically cost between $5-$10 depending on the weight.  

- I used Paypal for all transactions and so far that seems to be the easiest and best way to go.  They do take around 3 or 4% out per transaction though so keep that in mind.  

- I truly had so much fun with the sale.  It was rewarding for me.  It made my closet feel better. And my husband was super proud of me!  So it was a win, win all the way around.

- For those that are curious, I've sold 28 of the 50+ pieces already in less than one week!  (However, a few pieces went to family and I wouldn't dare let them pay; but they were willing to.)

- I think I covered everything.  If you have any questions or are interested in hosting your own blog sale and need some advice, I would be happy to help!! I think it's such a fun and smart thing to do.

- I'm considering adding the pieces that are left to a Poshmark account that I created.  Has anyone ever used Poshmark before or have an account????

- I did add photos to an instagram account I created {@shophomeofmalone}.  I'm looking forward to having that account for future items I plan to sell too!

Okay, it's your turn...

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  1. You pretty much inspired me to do a blog sale myself. After my closet reorganization last week - I put a bunch of stuff on eBay, but thought why not do it on the blog too...so hopefully I can get this going! Thanks of your tips - they are great!! First time linking up :)

  2. Loved your blog sale! I have major closet envy ;) I wanted those green beauties so badly but I know my feet don't fit in CL well :( I'm so glad it was successful! I have thought about doing a blog sale but have never gotten myself together enough. You have inspired me!!

  3. so glad your blog sale was so successful! this is such a great idea and a fun way for other people to grab a few awesome pieces!

  4. If I ever do one of these, I am absolutely coming to you and this post for wisdom!!! :)

  5. awesome! congrats on the sale! i sell some jewelry on ebay but I should think about doing a blog sale for some of my clothes. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. That's awesome your sale went so well! I couldn't get over all the stuff you had on there! I wish I owned half as many nice clothes as you do! I sell stuff on ebay sometimes but then I get frustrated when the buyers give me crap! Check out Tradesy. Not sure how it works but it's a consignment website too. Life as I know it

  7. These are all great tips! I can’t recommend Poshmark enough. It’s so easy and I’ve made a killing re-selling items that I love, but just don’t wear anymore. Do it!!

  8. Those green heels... I'm drooling over here! ;) Thanks for hosting a great linkup, once again!

  9. You were so helpful and easy to shop with! Great tips.

  10. Oh man, now I really want to go through my closet and sell sell sell! I have way too much that I don't even wear anymore!

  11. Sounds like everything went so well!! I may have to do one of these myself... I could definitely stand to get rid of some clothes before we move. Oh, and I'm totally jealous of your closet!

  12. Glad it was a success. I would full-out bawl over those Loubs but at least they had a good run. Great tips!

  13. Wow, you are super organized to get all that together, I'm so glad it was a success! Love the green shoes :)

  14. I just went through my closet and got rid of lots of stuff. I sold some to a consignment store here, and just donated some. Either way it just feels good to get orgranized and get rid of stuff I dont wear anymore. If you can make a couple bucks off of it too, heck yea!

  15. Loved seeing all of the items in your blog sale and I really wish that I could have jumped on those shoes!!

  16. Wow!! Amazing shoes!! And you're so organised... i may have closet envy XO

  17. Such great tips. My good friend uses posh mark but I've never tried it.