Scenes from our Weekend : New Orleans

Brody and I packed up on Friday and made a road trip to New Orleans for his first time.  We met my Mom for a quick visit and threw together a little "sip and see" for our friends and family to meet the little Brodster.  We met my Mom at the house on Friday and she couldn't wait to get her hands him.  We rocked him on the front porch, visited and then hung out and cooked at the house Friday night. 

Meredith and Cole came over Friday evening to get a visit with Brody man and to make sure Meredith got plenty of time to hold him since she knew she would have to share him at the sip and see.  She was in heaven. 

We made Cole give him a hold and neither of them looked to happy about it :)

Saturday morning was the sip and see and I purposely planned it for the morning because that tends to be the happiest, smiliest time for Brody.  The pictures we got of these two adorable boys just crack me up because they were not happy at all.  Unfortunately, we waited until the very end of the party when they were starving and totally over being picked and prodded and they wanted nothing to do with being photographed.  Oh well, they are funny!

Hooray, the party is over! It's time to relax and watch college football, Mom. 

We had to send this picture to Matt because Mike is holding a dog bone in his hand and pretending to feed it to my sweet baby.  Their faces say it all.  I love it. 

Sunday was Saints football day and a party for our friend, Ford, who was turning one!  Brody loved New Orleans and was so happy to cheer on the Saints.  Yay, for a Saints victory!  We headed over to the Kleinschmidt's at the end of the game to celebrate Ford's first birthday.  

They loved meeting each other and Ford was so sweet and loving to baby Brody.  He pet his head and then put his little arm around him for a hug and to snap a picture.  How sweet are they?  

We had such a great trip to NOLA that flew by way too fast.  I loved introducing Brody to our friends and families and am so happy that we live close to New Orleans and will continue to be able to take Brody to a city with so much culture and tradition as well as the city that his Mom and Dad were married in!!!

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