Five on Friday

{One} Bourbon and Boweties and Seven Palm Row teamed up for a giveaway and I won!  I was so excited not only because this is the first blog giveaway that I have ever won, but also because I love the bourbon and bowetie bracelets and now they will fit! I tried some on when I was too pregnant and my hands were swollen and I couldn't get them on comfortably.  So I'm so excited for their arrival.

{Two} The Skimm is the daily newsletter that simplifies the headlines for the educated professional who knows enough to know she needs more. We do the reading for you and explain it with fresh editorial content, breaking down what you need to know to start the conversation.  

This is so smart and the perfect entertaining and educational read on the top headlines in news. 

{Three}  We have CABINETS in our new home! I feel like I have been waiting for this day forever and I am so excited now that they are finally in.  They are just perfect even though they are not fully in yet :)

{Four}  Bella Bag is a website to buy and sell authentic pre-loved designer merchandise including bags and jewelry.  An absolutely brilliant idea.  They are even offering a $100 discount with the purchase of $500 dollars with the code TNT100 thanks to Ashley at Turquoise and Teale. {offer valid for one month from 9/5/13}.  All items are guaranteed authentic and pass a 13 point authenticity inspection.

{Five}  Brody and I are headed on another road trip this weekend and going to one of my favorite places: New Orleans.  We are meeting my Mom for a few days and also introducing him to friends and family that live in New Orleans.  I can't wait.  We also might squeeze in a little shopping for the new house while we are there too! 

Have a great weekend! 


  1. Thanks for sharing all of these great sites! Have fun in New Orleans this weekend!

  2. Ooh, I've always wondered about Bella Bag! I've heard of it before but didn't know any details. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Congrats on your win!! I love Bourbon and Bowties. I have a few of their bracelets and they're the best!!