Five on Friday

{One}  We're almost halfway through September and I am loving that stores have started to load up on all things Fall.   I actually purchased my first taste of pumpkin yesterday in the form of pumpkin spice M & M's.  So far I have only snacked on them, but I would love to bake something yummy like these pretty fall cookies.

{Two}  I am also really wishing that I was living in my new house, so I could start breaking out all my fall decor.  I always love the way Megan at Honey We're Home decorates around her house.  See her full post on Fall Decor here

{Three}  The cutest outfits for our little ones to wear for football season and the fall months.

{Four} We haven't started using our BOB stroller a lot yet because our little guy is still too small to be strapped in, but when we do, I love the idea of the Buggy Gear accessory for the stroller that Natasha blogged about.  It has 2 large spots for drinks, a built-in cooler, iphone slot, and you can pull it off the stroller and wear the strap like a purse.  So smart.  They think of everything these days. 

{Five}  Everyone can use an adorable new workout outfit to step into the Fall months.   I know that I live in them these days to hang around the house with the Brodster.  I love these adorable new leggings and Lulu top that the girls at Seven Palm Row blogged about.  I love how long the lulu top is and would be great to cover the pregnancy bump for my expecting friends out there!

This top is more my style right now as I am still working off the post pregnancy gut :)  How fantastic is this??

These post have been fun to do and are a great round-up of pretty or functional things I have come across during the week.  What have you seen for Fall that you love already??


  1. Love those sweet Halloween outfits! I finally got some Halloween PJs for my sweet Avery and they are so cute. I just love this time of the year!

  2. Pumpkin M&Ms?!!? I don't think we have those in Canada! I need to get my hands on some. yum!

  3. About died when I saw the pumpkin spice M&Ms at Target! Good to hear they're tasty!
    Whitney @ work-it-mommy.blogspot.com

  4. love the fall inspired baby gear... and will be trying the pumpkin spice m&m's for sure
    Tailgate Queen - game day dresses