My Pregnancy Journal | Photobook

I am so excited that I finally completed my photo book of my journey through pregnancy with baby Brody.  It really turned out to be a pretty easy project since I had documented each of my weekly updates during the pregnancy.  I included all of the weekly updates with the bump photos, the story on how we found out, photos of his nursery at Lee Lee's (I think we finally decided on a grandma name for my Mom), our baby showers, places he traveled in my belly, our baby moon, our friends having babies, and his birth story.  It is such a special book and I know I will love referring back to it during future pregnancies. 

Here's a few shots from our book:

Surprise! We're Pregnant!

Weekly Bump Updates

Photos of the Growing Bump

Pictures of the Nursery and preparing for baby Brody

Photos from our baby shower in Pensacola

All the places Brody traveled in my belly during our 9 months together

Our friends that are having babies and overlapped during our pregnancy with Brody!

Brody's birth story

I am so happy that I documented this time because it really is amazing how quickly you forget and things become a blur.  The book turned out perfect.  You can see the entire thing by clicking on the link below to Shutterfly.  

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How did you document your pregnancy??

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