Vacation Recap : The Exumas

April 21st we celebrated our one year anniversary!  It was on a Sunday and we were leaving Sunday morning to head down with my family for a week in the Bahamas.  So, we celebrated the two of us on Saturday night before we left at one of our favorite restaurants in Pensacola, Jackson's. 

We left Sunday morning to hop on this beautiful yacht in the Bahamas.  Specifically, the Exumas.  A part of the Bahamas that none of us had ever been to before except for my Dad.  This trip was a celebration of my Dad's 60th birthday, but Matt and I also made it our Anniversary trip and Babymoon since it is the last time I can fly before Brody is born!
We have tons of pictures from the trip, but the most convenient for me to post right now are the ones I have from my cell phone.  So I thought I would give a quick view of the trip through iphone pics.

Coming into the Exumas

Bryan and Matt in the plane

We made it to Staniel Cay!

Our first day was a little overcast but we were still able to explore the island and have some fun.  This was our new home for the week!

I made some welcome bags for everyone with monogrammed towels and some great tervis tumbler drinking cups that everyone used all week long!

Matt and I's room for the week!

Lots of fishing on the trip.  I went fishing with them on the first day and puked.  Probably not the best idea for an almost 8 month pregnant lady who gets sea sick easily any way.  But we caught lots of Dolphin on the trip and one Tuna. 

Here's a great map of the Exumas.  We flew into Staniel Cay and took the boat north through the week stopping at the different Cay's along the way.  We finished our last night at the Atlantis Marina in Nassau.  
This area of the Bahamas is quite secluded and remote.  You really do not see a lot of activity and definitely no night life.  There were two bars total that we came across and were basically empty and we never ate one meal off the boat.  Not many restaurant choices at all.  It was stunningly gorgeous though and amazing snorkeling and fishing.  The water was the perfect blue. 

There are a few small houses/cottages to rent along the way and some small resorts.  This one in Fowl Cay was absolutely beautiful.  I would recommend it to someone looking to vacation in the area: http://www.fowlcay.com/

The group our last night in the Atlantis.  And yes, please note my enormous belly in this picture. I honestly had no idea it looked that big (ha), but it has grown tremendously in the last two weeks.  I'm sure I gained 5lbs on the boat because they fed us incredible meals and my plans for exercising were thrown out the window when I saw small nurse sharks circling our boat just about every morning at port.  They swore the sharks wouldn't bother you, but I wasn't about to swim laps with those beasts. So some snorkeling was the only exercise I got.

Stay tuned for my 32 week belly update on Thursday! Sorry I missed last week.  There was absolutely no cell service down there in the Bahamas!  Oh, and I am having my final baby shower in New Orleans on Wednesday evening to celebrate baby Brody.  I can't wait!!

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  1. Looks like an unbelievable trip! I love the goodie bags and can't wait for more photos. What a year it has been- Congrats to you and Matt!