Super Bowl Party

I did a terrible job photographing the event, but we had our very first Super Bowl party this weekend at our house.   I was super excited about it because it was really the first time that I got to break out all the fun entertaining pieces that we got as wedding gifts.  It was a gorgeous day, so I set up the bar outside on our back deck.  I broke out the mason jars with some pretty paper straws that are not pictured.  I'd say the only thing that the bar was lacking were some labels for the drinks.  I had some cute ones I could've put together, but I ran out of time and decided my guests could figure it out on their own :)

The galvanized tray and 3 tier party tray are from Potterybarn.  The drink dispensers and stand are also from Potterybarn.   The monogrammed galvanized bucket that we used for ice is from our local store, Pizzaz.  The clear bottles with the grapefruit juice and cranberry are from Crate and Barrel.

I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of all of our yummy food, but I got sidetracked.  We had sausage on the grill, made sliders for the first time which turned out delicious and meatballs and a Chinese salad.   Our guests brought all different kinds of delicious dips and sides to go along with it as well.

We played the football betting board game pictured above.  Matt and I didn't come close to winning at all until the VERY end of the game (which is where the big money is).  I was looking so good to win the big pot and then the Ravens had the audacity to allow that touchback with the last few seconds left in the game and I LOST!  I guess it wouldn't be right for the hosts to win anyways....Next year.

I would like to play this betting board every game because it sure makes the whole viewing experience a lot more fun!!!

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