Our First Baby Shower

Brody and I had our very first shower this past weekend!  It was so much fun and definitely put me in complete mommy mode!  One of my very oldest and dearest friends, Elizabeth, put together this adorable shower for us (me and Brody) with her Momma who was also like my 2nd Mom growing up!   They truly out did themselves.  My said friend is now moving off to Australia in February and wanted to fit in a baby shower for me and Brody before she left the country.  We had originally discussed making it a gender reveal shower, but with the timing of it all and my big mouth, we decided to go ahead and announce the sex ahead of time.   I'm glad we did because it was so much fun getting all the sweet blue clothes and fun accessories.  

Elizabeth is an architect and she is incredibly creative and talented.  She handmade all of the invitations and decorations including this beautiful picture below that made me tear up a bit when I saw it.  Also notice how everything all fits together.  She utilized the font from the invitations to use throughout the entire shower! 

IMG 3153

IMG 3155

 IMG 0289

IMG 3162

IMG 3200

IMG 3201

IMG 3158

IMG 3159

IMG 3163

IMG 3160

IMG 3156

Elizabeth made little cards for the shower where the guests could write a little note to Brody, Matt and I.  It was so cute.  She even had some of the guests that could not attend write some special to us!

IMG 3167

IMG 3164

IMG 3185

IMG 3172

IMG 0321

IMG 0326

IMG 3150
Me and Elizabeth
IMG 3152
Elizabeth, Me and Her Momma--My beautiful and thoughtful hostesses!
IMG 3190
My mother-in-law and sister-in-law
IMG 3192
My Momma
IMG 3195
Sweet Girlfriends
IMG 3198

Girls with our Mommas (I'm 18.5 weeks along!)

My sweet nieces made an appearance at the end of the shower!  They are so excited that it's a boy!

After the shower, all I wanted to do was sit around the future nursery and stare at all the pretty things and the adorable little clothes that Brody has already received.  It's amazing how quick that maternal instinct kicks in.  The shower got me super excited for his arrival and very anxious to start setting up his little nursery as soon as possible!  Thank you to the friends and family that came to celebrate with us.  I look forward to celebrating Brody with our out-of-town friends and family in the upcoming months!

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  1. awww! how sweet of her to throw a shower for you. I can tell Brody is so loved already:) and that blue dress is GORGEOUS!