20 Weeks ~ Half Way There!

Date: 2/07/13
How far along? 20 Weeks ~ Half Way!
Baby Size? Baby is the size of a Mango
Total weight gain:  ~12 lbs - see the doc tomorrow
Maternity clothes? Tunics and leggings and a sundress with cardigan whenever possible
Stretch marks? no, using my Mustela creamHowever, I am also using plain Palmer's cocoa butter. I love the smell of it and I am not crazy about the smell of the Mustela cream.
Miss Anything? a drink when I am at social functions such as the super bowl party we had this week and the Jimmy Buffett concert we went to.  But I have found drinking 1 or 2 non-alcoholic beers is a nice trick.
Movement: I felt certain that I was going to feel the little booger kick at the Buffett concert because I knew he'd be dancing to the music, but I did think I actually felt him once when I was in the restroom.  Not sure if it really was or not because of course he didn't do it again. 
Food cravings:  the sweets craving seems to have tamed a little bit but loving my fruit still
Symptoms: I FINALLY feel like some of the tiredness has gone away a little. 
Belly Button in or out? in
Wedding rings on or off? on, but definitely having swelling in my fingers especially in the mornings
Sleep:  I started to have a little more trouble sleeping this week.  I purchased a Boppy body pillow from Target and started using it a few nights ago and I love it.  It seems to work wonders.  My husband is not so crazy about it because it means I am snuggling with the Boppy instead of him!  But having the pillow in between my knees seems to really help. 
Best moment this week:  I ordered the crib this week and Matt put it together Saturday evening.  It's so cheesy but it was such a fun and memorable night.  And Matt was thrilled because it literally only took him about 15 min to put together! And I was thrilled because then I got to put the bedding on :)
Exercise:  Walking on the treadmill and pilates on the reformer
Anything making you queasy or sick: No
Gender Prediction: It's a  BOY
Labor Signs: No
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! 
Looking forward to: Having our 20 week doctors appointment tomorrow morning and seeing the baby on the ultrasound!  I can't believe this is supposed to be the last time we will see him before he's delivered.  If I know Matt and I well enough, we will be back to one of those 4D imaging centers to see the baby again at 32 weeks or so! 

Definitely not the cute round ball yet, but the belly is certainly growing!

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