Our Week in Vail

We're back from a week in Vail and trying to get organized before the Labor Day weekend and then the beginning of school!!  We had such a fun trip even though it definitely didn't feel long enough.  It truly is a full day of travel no matter how you do it.  We spent 5 nights there, but really only had four full days.  The kids had a ball and the weather was beautiful.  It was a little colder than I was expecting, but it was nice to have to layer up a little bit.  

We stayed at my Mom's house while we were there and really came with zero plans.  Vail during the summer is so beautiful if you have never been and there are hundreds of families that come every year.  There are so many activities to do with kids (and without) that you can keep yourselves very busy.  

Here's a look at what we did + lots of photos:

Monday | We had our flight from hell which I'll talk more about tomorrow and we finally made it to Vail after midnight. 

Tuesday |  We spent the morning recovering and realizing that yesterday was not a dream, but the bright side was that we were all alive and healthy.   We took the kids into Vail village, picked up some Pizza from Pazzo's and sat at the picnic table at the playground and let the kids run off some energy.  Came home in time for naps and enjoyed a quiet night at home with grilled steaks and wieners over the campfire for the kids! 

Wednesday | It was a little rainy in the morning, so we leisurely made our way back to Vail village and let the kids hit up the toy store and play on the playground again.  We had lunch outside at Los Amigos and again got home in time for naps.  The adults rested and got dressed to go out on the town for the evening.  We had a babysitter for the kids and we dined at our favorite restaurant, Sweet Basils. 

Thursday | We took the kids up to the top of the Gondola in Lion's Head this morning to let them check out all the ropes courses and fun activities they have for the kids.   I was a little worried that they would still be too small for most of the stuff, but 30 pounds was the weight limit and they slipped by.  I was so proud of Brody to get suited up for the ropes course and he ended up doing great. I think he was scared shitless, but he did it!  Unfortunately, he didn't end up doing another thing.  They had a zip line, tube slide, trampoline, rock climbing wall and ropes course.  My nephew was so brave and did the tube slide and the trampoline.  We will be ready to do a lot more in the next few years.  We made it back for naps again and then took the kids to the library afterwards.  The library had the neatest room for the kids to run around in with lots of great toys.  We loved it.  Dinner at home again that night. 

Friday | It was our last full day and we took the big kids to another awesome playground next to the amphitheater while Madelyn napped at home with my MIL.  We went to pick them up after they woke and we took everyone back to Vail Village and had lunch at Mountain Standard.  It was a great spot because the kids could run around the grassy area out front while we waited for our food.   After lunch, they have a fun splash pad area that the kids jumped in and got soaked!  We changed them up pretty quick and headed back to the house for naps again.  We did another adventure back to the library after naps because they loved it so much and then home again for dinner.  We made homemade pizzas on my Mom's awesome new pizza maker and it was time to get packed and organized before our flights the next day!! 

Where We Stayed:

Where We Ate:
Pazzos's (take out pizza)

What We Did:
Ship Playground next to Vail Gondola
Playground next to Ampitheater
Vail Library 
Top of Lion's Head Mountain with all the kid activities

Previous Trips to Vail: 
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Vail | Summer 2016 from Annie Malone on Vimeo.

And for those that are interested, I'll be back tomorrow to talk a little bit about flying with these kiddos.  


  1. Your kids have the cutest clothes! That gingham black/white and red dress on Madelyn is darling! XOXO

  2. What a fun week!! Vail was our favorite city - so awesome your mom has a house there! I definitely didn't expect it to be as cold as it was. We were freezing the whole trip! lol

  3. Such a fun week!! And I'm almost afraid to read tomorrow's post!

  4. Vail is my absolute favorite place! We used to go every single winter to ski, now we only make it about every other year. I've never been in the summer but I'm dying to!

  5. I adore Vail in the summer. Actually anywhere in Colorado in the summer! And winter too. :) My fave place to be besides the beach. Brody looks so big on his scooter!


  6. Wow! Those kid activities look like so much fun! Glad the trip was fun, sorry about the flight there! Such a bummer!

  7. What a fun trip!! Looks like the kids had a blast and that the weather was nice! I'm sure you enjoyed the break from
    The summer heat of the south!

  8. This looks like a wonderful trip!! Colorado is on our list of places to travel together :)

  9. That all looks so fun. I have heard such amazing things about visiting Colorado and it is definitely on the short list.

  10. Colorado in the Summer is perfection! All of your pictures are so pretty!