Madelyn Faye | Month Ten

Ten Months as of July 14th, 2016

21 lbs+
~ 30 inches estimates

You are wearing 12 to 18 month clothes
size 2 and 3 shoes
Size 4 diapers

 You generally sleep from 7 or 7:30pm to 7am.
You nap two times a day still and your naps are about 1.5 hrs long. 

7am Wake & Bottle
7:30am Breakfast
9:30 Nap
11am Wake 
12pm Lunch
1:30 or 2pm Nap
330pm Wake & Bottle
5pm Dinner
6:30 Bath & Bottle
7pm -7:30pm Bedtime

Healthy all month! 

When Brody tries to hug you too hard and knocks you over or when he gets in your face and talks too loud. 
You cry when mommy leaves the room but this seems to be improving a bit!
when you get your diaper changed- you are such a wiggle worm

You take 3 (6-8oz) bottles a day
You eat three meals a day
Yogurt, banana, eggs, grits, avocados, or cheerios for breakfast typically
Fruit and Veggies purees for lunch and dinner
You pretty much like anything these days...sweet potatoes, apple, corn, kale, spinach, cauliflower, chickpeas, pineapple, black eyed peas, squash
You are loving your pick-up foods this month.  You love sweet potatoes, pasta, lots of fruit, green beans, zucchini.  You pretty much eat anything which is so wonderful!! 

you love watching your brother's every move
chasing the dog
playing peek-a-boo
listening to Mama sing "if you're happy and you know it"
being in the pool - we've done a lot of that this summer!
dancing & music

Brody grabbing and tackling you
diaper changes

You are all over the place now and you love it
You were baptized right after you turned 9 months and we had a little party for you afterwards.
We celebrated Brody's 3rd birthday!
You met baby Brooks Claiborne in Mississippi for the first time.
Lots of jabbering lately- dada, mama, baba are your words so far.
You still have 6 teeth ( four on top, two on bottom)

Places You’ve Gone:
Rosemary Beach
Pass Christian, Mississippi

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Ten Month Favorites :  Maxi Cosi Convertible Car Seat // Radio Flyer Walker // VTech Roll and Learn Activity Suitcase // Boon High Chair //  My Little Tea Pot // Rocktivity Piano // Boon Baby Spoons // Suction Baby Food Bowls // Suction Sectioned Plate // Silicon Bibs // Skip Hop Plate and Bowl Set

Madelyn walking at her 9 Month Wellness visit {June 28, 2016}

Madelyn walking {July 11, 2016}

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  1. She is such a doll and I honestly can't believe she is walking! What a big girl!

  2. Hello! I don't comment often, but I'm subscribed to your blog and read all the posts! Your family is beautiful. Anywhoooo--- please help!? My son is 12 months and although he "sleeps through the night" usually he only sleeps like 8-9 hours! He naps about 3 hours during the day (from 11:30ish to 2:30ish) and is wide awake and happy and will just roll around his crib until 9pm and then wake up around 6am (sometimes earlier). We are down to one nap and I don't think he's necessarily getting too much daytime sleep but anything you could recommend for getting him to sleep longer? He falls asleep on his own but I have to stand next to his crib until he falls asleep. Did you sleep train your kids? Do you rock them to sleep for naps or do they fall asleep alone? I'm pregnant with #2 and I just don't want to make the same mistakes again and I want a better sleeper next time around!