Our Rosemary Beach Vacation

I don't know why it has taken me so long to recap our vacation in Rosemary Beach, but it has.  So here is the scoop:

When we were thinking about family vacations back in January of this year, we were trying to decide what made the most sense now that we were a family of four with two young kids.  We love to travel to the Caribbean, but we've learned its just not that practical right now and we have beautiful beaches right here in Florida.  I wanted something that was new to us, easy to get to, and fun for the whole family.  We go down to Destin and Seaside fairly often, but we had never been to Rosemary Beach with the kids.  I started looking at places to stay and boom; our vacation was booked :) I mentioned to our friends and also our family and next thing we know, we have two houses booked a fun vacation for everyone.  

We chose the Amsler Cottage and I can't say enough great things about it.  We loved the location so much.  It is directly behind the Pearl Hotel (which I adore) and 100 step walk to the beach.   The owners are from Atlanta and couldn't be sweeter and their cottage has so much charm.  We had 4 adults and 4 children ages 3 and under in the cottage and we did great.  The only thing I would have loved for the cottage to have was one walk-in closet big enough to put a pack-N-play in.  Our 9 month old slept in our master bathroom which turned out fine, but I always love it when they fit in a closet :)

My Mom and Brother's family stayed directly behind us in the Benoit Cottage.  I loved how close we were to each other because the big kids could just walk back and forth from house to house.  Their home was beautiful too and would highly recommend it as well. 

Our days were pretty simple.  We ate breakfast at home each morning and then packed up to head to the beach.  We pretty much camped at the beach all morning long until it was time for lunch and afternoon naps.  We came in for lunch, fed everyone, put the kids to sleep and sometimes we would take turns roaming the town when the kids slept.  

After naps, we typically packed up again and headed to the pool.  The pool was about 4-5 blocks away and we would either walk with the kids in strollers or we would take our bikes with the little carriage that hauls the kids in the back.  Either way worked great and they loved the pool.  

At night, we all took turns cooking and brought a lot of food with us.  We ate in every night except one night when all the adults got to go out to eat at Restaurant Paradis!  We love that spot and we all had so much fun going out.  It was an easy walk for us and close to the house if we had any babysitter problems.  

Overall, we had such a wonderful trip.  I loved the concept that we never once needed to get in our cars.  You can walk or bike just about anywhere you need to go.  Of course there are plenty of other great restaurants and shops to go check out in other areas if you do want to drive, but you don't have to.  I would go back every year if I could! 

We had so much fun taking professional family photos too on the beach by my Pensacola babysitter, Carina, who was kind enough to drive down and take them!

Rosemary Beach Recap

Where to Stay:
Amsler Cottage {where I stayed}
Benoit Cottage {where my Mom stayed}
The Pearl Hotel is also AMAZING

Where to Eat: 
Restaurant Paradis

What to do: 
Rent Bikes
Rent Beach Chairs
Enjoy the Pool

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the trip.  I'm happy to help or answer! 

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  1. Seriously what a great vacay! I love when it is so simple and care free. beach, pool, no cars, and cooking dinner in. Those are always the best!! So glad you all had such an amazing time! Loved all the pics and coordinating outfits with the littles! Too cute!

  2. What a gorgeous place and you all look relaxed and having so much fun. Thanks for the party.

  3. Seriously looks amazing! What great photos! The place looks awesome! Just goes to show you we have beautiful areas nearby as well! Love that you took professional family photos on the beach! Xo

  4. Not having to drive on vacation is the best!

  5. Those homes look gorgeous!

  6. This is officially on my list of places to vacation with our kiddos! Loved your recap and always gorgeous pictures girlie!

  7. This vacay looks absolutely awesome, the cottage is beautiful and spacious and love the bunk beds, so cute! All the photos of the kids are just too cute and precious! Thank you for hosting as usual and hope you can stop by my Wed and Fri linkup!

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  8. I love a great beach vacay...been too long for me! Your pictures are just beautiful.

  9. Great photos! Your vacation looked like a lot of fun!

  10. Such a perfect trip! That cottage is gorgeous!

  11. What a fabulous beach vacation!! I cannot wait to go there one day!

  12. What a fun and gorgeous vacation! Those little cottages are perfect!

  13. You have made lots of fun at the beach and enjoyed your vacation much with your family. your kids are very cute and looking very happy in the pics. Staying in a vacation house or condo is always a better option than staying in a hotel for your vacation. It provides you all the needs and want that you required on a vacation and save you money also :)