Scenes from Our Weekend | Fourth of July

Long weekends are always the best, but they are definitely that much harder to recover from too!  I felt like I started my weekend on Thursday this past week too when Matt and I had a wine-pairing charity dinner to attend.  It was a really fun night, lots of money was raised for a great cause and everything turned out beautiful.  

{the fundraising committee (minus one)}
My dress (currently sold out)

Saturday morning one of my best childhood friends had her baby shower.  She's due with her first baby in October and it was so much fun to celebrate with her.  She has to be the cutest pregnant woman around at 27 weeks...

My Dress | Her Dress

Saturday evening we walked the kids downtown to a fishing weigh-in to watch all the big fish come in.  Brody was pretty enthusiastic about it all and we got to enjoy a nice dinner outside which was nice! 

Sunday we took the kids out on the boat and cruised over to a friends house.  We also went to dinner by boat to my bro and SIL's which turned out great.  The kids were champs since we had them out for 8 hours straight.  

Monday we were out on the boat again for the 4th of July and were planning on hitting a couple holiday parties by boat.  The wind picked up and the water got a little bit rougher, so we headed home a little earlier than planned. 

We had a 4th of July dinner at our house with some friends and watched the fireworks at home!  Brody stayed up until 9 to watch them too. 

Previous 4th of July weekends: 2015 // 2014 


  1. Looks like so much fun!! The kids all look so adorable in their festive little outfits!! :)

  2. Looks like a great weekend all around!!

  3. Sounds like you guys had a great long weekend! Loving all of your dresses, as usual!

  4. So many fun things in one long weekend! I love that you guys can boat to visit friends/family - so neat! The kids 4th of July outfits are the cutest!

  5. What a fun weekend!! That's so nice y'all were able to spend so much time on the boat and in the water - it's crazy hot in FL right now!!

  6. What a fun weekend! I love the patriotic outfits on the kiddos!