Thoughts for Thursday | Life lately

It's another Thoughts for Thursday today and I thought I would share some random thoughts including whats been going on around here lately. 

+  If you missed my weekend recap that I posted late yesterday afternoon, then you missed it that me and Natalie actually finally got to meet last week!! It was so much fun.  She was vacationing with her family just two hours away from me and I knew I had to take the opportunity to go see her.  We got the kids together and had so much fun catching up over just a few hours.  I would have loved more time and probably a few cocktails, but we were happy with what we got!  I literally felt like we were childhood friends.


+ We spent four days in a row at the beach last week.  I'm pretty sure we will spend most of the summer there.  Brody is literally in heaven playing in the sand and being independent.  It's such a nice age to watch him play and entertain himself.

+ A friend of mine texted me this week and asked if my Brody was asleep (it was about 8:45pm) and what night times were like with him lately.   He is SUCH a staller these days.  It's killer.  He has boycotted a nap the last two days and when he does that I start bedtime at about 7:15.  It's tough when it's still light out outside with an almost three year old, but I still try to make him.  When he takes a nap, we usually don't put him down until about 8:30pm.  It's really more convenient for us, but it also makes dinner time a bit more hectic.  My friend also sent this hilarious video that I hadn't seen before either. What is your toddlers bedtime like?   

+  Brody had a follow-up EEG appointment this week from his febrile seizure episode.  He was such a champ through the process because it takes a little while and they have to put all these wires all over his head.  The nurse said everything seemed to look good, but the doc will look at it too.

+ So who is watching the new Bravo show, There Goes the Motherhood??  I haven't seen last night's show yet, but I've seen all the rest.  I mean it's totally sucked me in of course even though I think it's pretty ridiculous.   Do ya'll love it or hate it?

+ Speaking of Hollywood, guess who got herself a new pair of lashes this week??  I'm kind of obsessed.  I've been wanting some eyelash extensions forever, but never bit the bullet.  My best friends wedding is next weekend and I decided to give them a try!  Excuse the no make-up, but that's what makes them so good!!

 photo blue-sig_zps535a57e5.png  photo blue-sig_zps535a57e5.png


  1. Your new lashes look amazing!! Hope you keep getting good results on Brody!!

  2. Your lashes look fab!! Wishing the best for your little guy as you await results from the testing. xx

  3. I haven't decided if I like TGTM yet! I'm watching it but still iffy on it! Love those eyelashes! I've always wanted some since mine are so blonde. So awesome that you and Natalie met! We still need to get you girls to Charleston! Hope Brody's EEG results come back good!

  4. OH man those lashes! Looks so natural! Love them, I have wanted to get a pair for a while now, but going to your friends wedding, totally a great excuse!