Pink and Turquoise Baby Girl Nursery

Welcome back to another week of the Pink Door Home Inspiration Link-Up.  I'm pulling one from the archive today, so I apologize to any of you that have already seen it.  I wanted to share our baby girls nursery which is one of the most recent rooms in our home that I've re-decorated.  

During the first week of the Pink Door Link-up, we shared a home tour.  Last week, I wrote about how I find inspiration when decorating our home and the tools I use to do it.   Today, we are all sharing our nursery or nursery plans with each of you.

So make sure you go check out these girls and their adorable nursery's!

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Attention to Darling
 Kids and Cabernet 
Simply Clarke

Make sure you make it to the end of the post because we are doing an amazing giveaway from Design Darling!! I love her shop so much and can't wait for one of you girls to win.

Now here's the story behind Madelyn's nursery...
I absolutely adore the way the room turned out and it is truly one of my favorite places to sit and enjoy.  I actually find that we spend a ton of time in here thanks to the huge awesome rug I decided to put in the room this time.  When this room was Brody's nursery, we had a tiny rug in the room so it didn't make it comfortable for playing on the floor.  Now we play on the floor all the time! 

This room seems so hard to photograph with the right lighting.  Some of these photos I took and some were taken by my photographer friend, Tyler.  I tried to link everything below, but I know I'm missing a bunch of things.  If you have questions about something, just let me know!

I really designed the entire room around this Michelle Armos Painting which was my first purchase for her nursery.  You can see that I tried to keep the room pretty similar to how it was set up when it was Brody's nursery and just adding new colors and accents! 

I hope you enjoy it as much as me :)

And since I'm nosy and always love looking in other people's closets, here is a look at Madelyn's.  My heart is happy when it sees an organized closet!  A friend of mine lent me a ton of her daughter's clothes, so that's how this thing is already jammed packed :)

How cute are these closet dividers??? Since I have such a wide range of sizes this time thanks to some awesome hand-me-downs, I really love having the dividers to stay organized! 

Nursery Sources:
White Faux Sheepskin Rug - Home Decorator's Collection
Michelle Armos Painting (40x40) - One Kings Lane
Gold Floor Lamp - Home Goods
Gold Octopus - Etsy - White Faux Taxidermy also obsessed with this one
Dresser - Scott's Antique Market
Antique Mirror - Scotts Antique Market
Changing Table - Storkland (local) similar here
Teal Felt Bins - Land of Nod
Wired Bins in Changing Table - Crate and Barrel
Closet Dividers - Etsy- Craft Craft Baby c/o
Closet Shoe Divider - The Container Store
Closet Bins- Target
Woven Floor Baskets - Land of Nod
Pink Flamingo Laundry Hamper - Amazon
Clear Book Displays - Cleardisplays.com (So Cheap!)
Wooden Rocker - Matt's Childhood rocking chair
Rocking Chair Pillow- Bla Bla
Gold Pouf - Lulu & Georgia

I know I didn't link to everything.  If you have any questions on where something is from, just leave it in the comments and I will get back to you!! 

Here's your chance at entering the giveaway from Design Darling!  You can also get 15% off in her shop from now until May 31st using the code PINKDOOR at checkout!!!  

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  1. The nursery is so beautiful! loving all of the pretty details!

    Southern Style

  2. Pinning this for future reference! I absolutely adore the color scheme and decorating that you did!

  3. Alright, so you already know that this is my favorite room! I mean, everything in it is amazing! The chandelier, the rug, the colors, the painting! I want it all for my room screw the baby's room! So beautiful! Thank you for sharing!


  4. Just spectacular! I love the small rocking chair you have in their....and her closet is what dreams are made of!

  5. I absolutely loved getting a tour of this space! You did such a lovely job with all the details!

  6. It's so pretty! Do you happen to remember the paint color? I think yours photographs well. The nursery I'm putting together will have great natural lighting, your grey looks pretty close to what I want to get.


  7. So a beautiful room! I love the color accents! That painting is gorgeous too! It's never too early to start a girl on a full closet of clothes! ;)

  8. Seriously- this nursery is prettier than my master bedroom!! You have a gift! Make today work, Rachel -CubicleCouture

  9. I love this nursery! It's funny how similar our little girl's rooms are, from the Jenny Lind crib, to the shag carpet, to the woven baskets and gold pouf! Naturally, I love it :). So cute!

    Erin, Attention to Darling

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