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Today I am back to talk a little bit more about our house and what I do when I'm looking to decorate a new space.   We moved into our new home two years ago and we had a lot of furniture that we needed to purchase for the house.  Thankfully, Pinterst was in full force back then and I scrolled and pinned tons of beautiful images.  It took over a year to build our home; so I had plenty of time to look around, gather inspiration, and find the perfect pieces.  My favorite thing to do when I am decorating a new room, is to put together an "inspiration board." I always use Polyvore to make mine, but if you are savy in Photoshop you can use that as well.

One of my first post I found when I was looking back through the blog was this post on decorating our family room, dining room and master bedroom.   When I was furniture shopping, I always took pictures of the pieces I liked.  It helped when I was looking back and trying to match patterns and colors.  I used an old collage app on my phone to make something that looked like this below.  I didn't end up using everything that you see below in our bedroom, but it gave me a good idea of the look that I was going for.

Some of my favorite inspiration boards to do were for the kids rooms.  I made a board for Brody's nursery and then another one when we changed it to Madelyn's room.  I never end up using every single piece that I put on my inspiration board, but it helps remind me where certain pieces are from and how I would like the room to function.  

Brody's Big Boy Room Inspiration {original post}

Brody's Big Boy Room

Madelyn's Nursery Inspiration {Original Post}

Madelyn's Nursery Inspiration Board

Our Home Office Inspiration {Original Post}
Home Office | Black & Gold

Our Powder Room {Original Post}
Bathroom | Black, White & Marble

I can't recommend an inspiration board enough.  I think it gives you such a great snapshot of the look you are trying to accomplish when decorating a room in your house.   

Another big thing that I did when we were building our house that I can't recommend enough is keep a 3 Ring Binder with all of your details.  I had several tabs to separate all the paperwork, but you can use it for house design as well as printed images from the internet that you have as inspiration.  It's good to take these things to your cabinet makers, trim man, etc.  

How do you find inspiration for home decor?  Have you ever tried using Polyvore to make a design board?  

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+ this post is not sponsored by Polyvore in any way.  I just happen to really like using their website as a resource! 

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  1. I make all my design boards in polyvore! It's so easy for me and I'm not photoshop savvy enough. I love the good three ring binder for house projects too, that's what I used for our last kitchen renovation.

  2. I am loving the inspiration board idea!! Thanks!!