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As things are starting to move along on the construction of the house, I am getting more and more excited about decorating.  It's so exciting and so much fun to think about it all coming together.  We already own some furniture that we will be bringing to the new house, but we also have to purchase a decent amount.  Our office space will be one room that we I get to do from scratch.  I figure since my husband has this humongous "man cave"to call his own, then at least I can have this little office to decorate on my own.  

Our office is in the front of the house, just off the entry way.  You enter through french doors and will be one of the first spaces you see in the house when you walk in.  It must be pretty.  You can't have ugly file drawers and stacks of paper on the desk because it will be a very visible area.  Below is what I have dreamed up so far.  

I first fell in love with the simplicity of the glass desk from Wisteria and have gradually found pieces to complete my vision.  The white cubical expedit shelves you see from Ikea is actually the only thing that has been purchased.  I knew I was going to need plenty of shelves to store office supplies since the desk does not provide a single drawer and I absolutely love these shelves and they are so cheap.  The trick is having an Ikea in your area.  We don't have one, but my super amazing brother and sister-in-law actually went to the Ikea in Tampa for me and picked the shelf up and brought it to me in Destin this past weekend.  If you've been in an Ikea before, you know how incredibly kind it was of them to do.  

Home Office | Black & Gold

Home Office | Black & Gold {Click on link or photo for links to all of the above items}

I love putting together these design boards and it will be fun to go back later and see if I stick pretty close to my inspiration boards.  

Do you have a home office?  What do you use to keep it organized and clutter-free?

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