Day in the Life | A 7 Month Old and an almost 3 year old

We've seemed to have finally fallen into a pretty good routine around here.  It's taken a little while to get back into the groove after what seemed like the sickness season from hell this past winter.  The temperature has warmed up here, the days are bright and long and we're enjoying a lot of time outside. 

I always love reading Day in the Life posts and honestly our days are a little different each day because Brody goes to school two days a week, but I love looking back on the general basis of our days in each stage of life.  So here goes...

6:30am | The current wake-up time for both rascals to be waking up these days.  Brody comes running into our room and snuggles in bed.  I grab Madelyn out of her crib, change diaper and feed her the bottle in our bed.  This is when we relish snuggle time all in the bed together.  

7am |  Matt and I take turns grabbing our morning showers and getting dress.  The kids try to entertain themselves in our room while we do so.  

7:30ish | Coffee time and breakfast.  I throw Paw Patrol on for Brody and Madelyn is playing or whining around the house.  She's started crawling a little and moseys her way around the house to a few toys.  I attempt to unload this dishwasher because yes, it seems like this is definitely a daily event these days.  

8:30am | Our sitter comes to watch Madelyn (we just hired her a month ago to come on the two days Brody is at school) while I bring Brody to school.  It's just about Madelyn's morning nap time, so the sitter brings Madelyn up to take her nap.  I wrangle Brody to put some clothes on which is always a fight these days and pack his lunch to get out the door for school. 

9am | Drop Brody off at school and I head to workout.  I usually run by the grocery store to grab something for dinner and then head back to the house.  Being able to get this workout in has done so many good things to my mental health!! 

11am | I let the babysitter go and put the groceries away.  I feed Madelyn some lunch now that she's started solid foods and we play for a little bit until it's time to go pick Brody up from school. 

12:30pm | Leave to go get Brody and I try to do whatever I can to keep Madelyn awake.  Sometimes I will keep the babysitter until after I pick Brody up from school just so I don't have to worry about Madelyn falling asleep in the car on the way to get brother and ruining her afternoon nap.  

1:15pm | Return home with both kids and things are always a bit crazy.  I try to give Brody his snack quickly and I will put a little TV on for him while I go and get Madelyn down for her nap.  Then it's Brody's turn which is definitely a battle most days at this point.  He's 2 years and 10 months old right now and I'm trying to get to 3 years old before we lose naps completely! He always sleeps well once he falls asleep, but it can take a good 20 or so minutes of me laying with him to get him to sleep. 

145pm |  I frantically try to get as many things done as possible and usually look like I'm holding a ticking time bomb.  I throw in some laundry.  Eat lunch. Go through the mail.  Write a thank you note. Pay a bill.  Clean my desk.  Play an episode of Southern Charm in the background.  Prep a little dinner if possible.

3pm | Madelyn wakes.  Time for her afternoon bottle.  We snuggle in the playroom while I feed her the bottle and watch Ina Garten on the cooking channel! 

3:30pm | We bounce around to whatever activity keeps her attention.  She just started crawling this week, so we mostly just hang around on the floor with lots of toys.  

4:15ish | Brody wakes up and always wants another snack.   We grab something to take on the go and I stick both kids in the stroller to go for a ride.  We have lots of fun places to stroll to right around our neighborhood which is really nice.  

5pm | We're back home and attempting to play cool until Dad gets home.  I feed the dog.  Madelyn is usually ready for dinner too.  Brody sometime plays well by himself and other times wants my undivided attention.  We sometimes go back outside to play since the weather has been nice and really just try to keep occupied as we I watch the clock!

6pm | Daddy's home and we're all jumping for joy.  Brody pretty much attaches to his leg and I may get a minute with Madelyn to prep a little dinner.  This nice weather doesn't last long here because it will get too hot in no time, so we sometimes just all sit on the back deck with a beer and catch up.

6:30pm | Time for Madelyn's bath.  Most of the time Brody comes and bathes with her too, but sometimes he stays to play with Daddy and he bathes him later.  

6:45pm | Bottle and bedtime for Madelyn

7:15pm | Back downstairs and get our dinner ready.  

7:45 | Eat dinner and then head upstairs to put Brody to bed. 

815pm | Matt puts Brody to bed and this is when I try to get some blogging done, but more often then not my brain is already fried.  So I turn on some Real Housewives...

9pm | Tuck in bed and try to find something good on TV.  We rent a lot of movies and wish we could watch more Netflix but we're having trouble with our internet upstairs, so we haven't been able to watch :(  I'm dying to get through the newest released season of House of Cards.  It's killing me that our internet sucks!!!

10pm | Asleep! Sometimes it's 11 though if we rent a movie :-/

Morning snuggles in Mom & Dad's bed

post-gym selfie :)

Madelyn and Mama floor time

Late afternoon walks


You can find more of our day in the life posts here.  Of course I just had to read through all of them again!  I love looking back on them so much to see how quickly things change. 

Do you have a day in the life post you've written?? Leave a link to it in the comments section for me! I would love to read it and I think others would too!! 

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  1. This is great.

  2. I love reading day in the life posts, and it's so great you have these to look back on! Your kids are so cute, and it sounds like you're settling into a good routine!

  3. I love a day in the life post! I can't tell you how similar our days are. My boys are almost the exact ages of your two. Late afternoon/early evening is always a struggle with my fuss bucket 6 month old. I've been trying to get a workout in while my 2.5 year old is at school. It definitely makes my day go better. Trying to keep a baby awake in the car while doing pickup will forever be a struggle. It happens both morning and afternoon drop off!

  4. You know I love these posts! You have such a great schedule going on and it's so smart to have the sitter come on days Brody has school. I always think school days are harder than days at home for some reason. They need to fix your internet stat, that is not acceptable! Everyone deservers Netflix in bed!!

  5. I don't know how you do it all! You literally are juggling a thousand plates in the air at once!! Such great multi-tasking & time management!! Make today work, Rachel -CubicleCouture

  6. Love these day in the life posts! I'm a nanny now so our day looks pretty similar, except I have two 20 month old boys who are super active.. I'm expecting now so it's been fun running around in different directions trying to get them together haha..! So nice to have a sitter for a few hours! Looking forward to having my sweet boy with us come August! Xo

  7. Love this....I'm working on one myself....days that I can get a workout in the morning done are the absolute best (for everyone). My goal has been 2x during the morning but that's even hard some weeks!

  8. I love day in the life posts! Getting a workout in does amazing things to the mind, spirit and soul. I think if I didn't have that I would lose my patience with the kids, somehow working out grounds me. Your dinner looks delicious!

  9. Love these!! We have very similar days around here!! Wish we could do then together more!! Xoxo

  10. Day in the life posts are my absolute faves! Loved this!

  11. These posts are so fun! I've been thinking of writing one to have it documented but I feel like my days are so boring lol

  12. I always find these day in the life posts interesting. It's like stepping into your life for a few minutes. I finished House of Cards like the first week, so good!

  13. I LOVE this! I was drawn to this post because I just got my second baby last week, and our kids are almost the exact number of months apart as yours are! So excited to follow you... you can pave the way for me a little bit since yours are just a few months older than mine. ;) I do "Day in the Life" posts twice a year... here's the link to them! http://whimsicalseptember.com/tag/a-day-in-the-life/

  14. You know I love these posts!! Your days sound similar to ours. Paw Patrol is my savior right now, it's the only way I get anything done ;) I agree the days I workout are so much better than the ones I don't! It's such a change in attitude for me.

  15. Day in the Life posts are my favorites too! Why oh WHY are the afternoon hours so tough? Ugh. The clock seems to stop between about 3 and 5 every day!!!

  16. I think this pretty described my day...same SkipHop giraffe plate and all. I have an almost 4 year old and soon to be 20month so def on the same boat.

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  17. Isn't it funny the things we do to avoid messing up that nap time?! Ha! Such a busy, busy day! Your an awesome Mama!