Baby Registry List Updated + 5 Favorite Baby Items for Baby #2

I kept saying I was going to do an updated Baby Registry list since I did mine about 3 years ago now; but the truth is that even with the second baby, I still love most everything from the first list.  I'm going to share a little feedback from my original list at the bottom of this post that hopefully helps you now that it's been through two kids.  There are lots of new products out there now even just with the three years that have passed.  We've accumulated a few new things for the second baby and here are my favorite ones so far! 

I love this little bath because it's compact and easy to move around.  It works great for us because it's small enough that I could bathe both kids in the bath together without being too crowded.  

I can't say enough about all of these little animals.  I love all of them.  They work great on her little play yard, hanging from her carseat, or from her OBall activity arch shown below!

I had wanted something like this when I had my first child, but we had so much other crap; I just couldn't justify it.  It's a great seat to utilize from about 3 to 6 months before babies can sit up well on their own.  We bring this thing all around the house and she loves it.  You can take the activity portion off and put any other toys on the tray too.  The red insert comes out as well and bigger kids can sit in the seat as well.  Brody still fits in it at almost 3 years old! 

This activity arch is awesome.  You can put it on a stroller, our baby Bjorn bouncer, or the 4Mom's Mamaroo that rarely got used with Brody because he was too bored with it! We ended up getting quite a bit of use (short periods of time only) of our Momaroo this time around when we strapped this arch onto it and Madelyn could play for a bit.  

Vtech Ferris Wheel
VTech makes great toys.  This one has a suction cup that we could put on a tray like the one above or on a high chair.  I also used this a lot by just holding it with my baby in my lap and letting her play with it.  It's small so you can throw it in your diaper bag for on the go trips as well.  


Okay, so those are some of my favorite new items.  Now I'll share some of my thoughts from my original Registry list.  See original post linked below for full details.  I'm just going to share some thoughts. 

Baby Registry Must-Have List

I still stand by this equipment list through and through, but their our two changes I would make.  I would NOT buy that car seat.  I love the all black, but it's SO heavy.  There are better ones out there now and I would definitely have purchased the Uppababy Mesa Carseat now.

I also don't think the Momaroo is worth the money.  I prefer a regular bouncer that is easy to move around the house and outside.  We used this Bjorn bouncer for Madelyn and loved being able to move it outside with us.

We ended up buying this travel crib or pack-n-play with Brody and am still obsessed with it.  I liked the pack N play linked below at the beginning because it was nice to have a changing station downstairs when the baby was young.  If you don't need that, I would suggest just purchasing a travel crib that you could set up at home if you need, but is also really easy to take on trips!

Baby Registry | Equiptment

I still love everything listed below here! We use it all still with baby #2.  The only thing that has changed is our baby monitor.  While I loved the one below while it lasted, it only lasted one year before it broke!  I now use this Summer Infant monitor and love that we can have multiple cameras and the big screen is awesome.

That is truly the only thing I would change.  You can find my detailed thoughts on each of the items below here
Baby Registry | Essentials

Baby Registry | Essentials by homeofmalones featuring Storksak

The last thing I will leave you with is a gadget that I thought was so cool at first and then wasn't sure if I loved it or not.  I wanted to make sure I used it for a couple of months before I shared my honest review with all of you.  It's the Baby Brezza Formula Pro.    It's like the Keurig for baby formula.  It makes the perfect bottle at the perfect temperature with the press of a button.  The only thing I will say is that you have to remember that it's still a gadget.  It requires cleaning and care to make sure it runs at it's best ability.  It's not a down-side, but it's just a reminder that it needs attention too!

Okay, I know that was a long post!! I hope this helps anyone in the market for baby items. There are so many options out there that it can be completely overwhelming!!

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  1. We are finalizing our registry within the next few days! We definitely needed this! Thanks for sharing! There are so many things you can buy, but as an experienced nanny, I kind of know which items get used and which don't, love these posts!

  2. Love reading these - great picks! I agree with so many of them from my first! We're expecting our second in early July, so I'm wondering -- did you get a double stroller/which one did you choose?

    1. Jen, Our Uppababy Vista transitioned into a double stroller. I was really worried that my 2.5 year old son was not going to like it because of the way his seat was positioned, but thankfully he does great in it. The newer Uppababy model has a better solution for two babies. So we use that as our double stroller. I keep saying I'm going to try and trade someone for my single Bob to a Double, but haven't done that yet.

  3. Love this! I'm ordering the O ball arch today! Also.. I love the baby brezza. It's my go to recommendation for moms who formula feed from early on. It's been a life saver for me. Especially at 3 am!

  4. This is so helpful for us mothers out of the mothering stage. When baby showers come along it is nice to know what is available and how moms today like them. Posting this for future reference.

  5. I was THISCLOSE to getting that baby bathtub! I hated the two I tried with my first daughter, and I saw this one in Target the other day that I almost scooped up for my second daughter (due Monday... I like to wait until the last minute to do things!). I hadn't heard anything good or bad about it though, so I decided to go with something with good reviews on Amazon. Now I wish I would have just purchased it because I really liked the simple design of it. Hmm. Thanks anyway for sharing! I love that little ferris wheel/fan toy thing. I think I'm going to put that on my Amazon wish list!

  6. This was such a great post/list, thank you!! Adding quite a few things to my registry now!

  7. It's amazing all the gadgets they have out there - definitely intrigued by the bottle maker - that's so neat!

  8. Amazing post! You are such a wealth of knowledge about all things baby/children. Saving this for future (hopefully soon!) use! My sister has that stroller and she LOVES it. Both her babies fit perfectly and they both are comfy and happy in it

  9. I have that same bath! I like it, Miller not so much haha.

  10. You know I'm all about this! I got rid of so much stuff the first time we need to replenish some things too. We just got that stroller so I'm glad you have enjoyed yours!

  11. What a great list, I am loving the bath tub, even though my kids are old enough to sit in regular tub, I wish someone would have told me about this one! Would make bath time so much easier.

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  12. Oooh that take along arch is amazing!! Never seen that before but I think I need it!

  13. This is such a great and knowledge filled post - definitely remembering this for the future! I'm so intrigued by the formula pro - that looks amazing!