Sephora Favorites | VIB Sale

For my beauty product junkies, Sephora is having their VIB Sale.  I always try to pick up one or more new items that I've been wanting to try during this sale and also re-stock any items that I've run out of.

I did a post just a few months back (see below) with some of my favorite beauty products.  I'm restocking up on my Ginzing cream as well as a few more of those Sephora face masks that I'm obsessed with (so hydrating!).

I'm trying this new mascara (I've used Benefit They're Real for a long time) and really excited to finally buy my first Tata Harper product.  I've been wanting to try this one for awhile.  Watch the video and you will be wanting that glow too :)

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

I've been loving my Naked2 palate for a couple of months now too.  It's a great matte variety with taupe-hued neutrals. It's perfect for everyday and then can take you through the night with a little more drama. 

I've been obsessed with these Sugar lipsticks lately.  I have it in several different colors, but my favorites right now are Tulip and Nude.  They are so hydrating which I need because I feel like my lips are always chapped.  It's refreshing and gives me some color when I walk out the door with nothing else on my face!

Here's a list of some of my other favorites from this year.  I still use all of these and love them.  Here are the CODE details.  Hurry up before the sale is over.  

Beauty Favorites

NARSissist Cheek Palette- I picked this palette up about a year or so ago and I love it.  It has Nars famous Laguna bronzing powder along with four popular blush colors.  I love being able to change up my blush color depending on my mood or the season!
Nars Lip Gloss in Priscilla- This fab lip color looks a little scary in the tube because it is so bright, but honestly, on your lips it is the perfect pink! I borrowed this from my friend on the bachelorette party and I had several people ask what color I was wearing on my lips.
Origins GinZing Eye Cream- I've been wearing this eye cream for a couple of years now and can't live with out it.  I had read so many good reviews about it. It sucks getting old and having tired bags under your eyes.  But, this pretty creme has a shade of light pink to it that instantly makes you feel brighter and it helps the puffiness under your eyes.  A mother's dream :)
Glam Glow Mud Face Mask- I've been seeing so much about the Glam Glow products and never took the plunge with any of them until I was on the hunt for a great pore refining and pore cleansing mask.  This charcoal mask helps brighten and soften your skin while also working on those pesky black heads which are always my problem.  I also love feeling like I'm pampering myself at home too.
Sephora Face Masks- These mask are the bomb.  Seriously.  We used these on my trip to Miami after a day of too many fruity drinks and our skin just sucked up the hydration and was left feeling silky smooth and replenished.  I came home and bought 6 to keep around.  It's so important to keep our skin hydrated and this is a fun way to do it.

If you had to pick one beauty product that you love and use daily, what would it be?

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  1. I took advantage of the sale too! Picked up a couple of things and I'm so with you on the Sephora masks! I love them! One beauty product I love and use daily is the CoverGirl Ready, Set Gorgeous Liquid Makeup Foundation. I haven't found another foundation I like as much yet!

  2. The sugar lip line is DIVINE! At the holidays, I stock up on their multi-pack sets! Make today work, Rachel -CubicleCouture