Madelyn Faye | Month 7

7 Months as of 4/14/16

She was 17lb at her 6 month appt, so maybe 18 or 19lb now? 

6 month to 12 month clothes
Size 2 shoe

Sleep has been so much better.  I was traveling a lot still during this month, so you still seemed to have a few nights where you woke; but mostly, you sleep through the night. 

6:30am Wake & Bottle
8:30 Nap
10:30 Wake & Bottle
12pm Lunch
1:30 Nap
3pm Wake & Bottle
5pm Dinner
6:30 Bath, Bottle & Bedtime

You were finally healthy for an entire month! 

We started solid foods just after you turned 6 months old.  You were a little slow to start.  You don't really care for banana, avocado or oatmeal yet.   You like sweet potatoes, corn, blueberries, cauliflower and apple.   I started by only feeding you one meal a day which was usually dinner.  Then we added another meal later once you started getting the hang of it. I've actually been making all your food this time which I didn't do for Brody.  I'm really enjoying it and you seem to like it too!

Sitting up and playing on your own
Trying to crawl
stroller ride

getting out of the bath tub
diaper changes
bananas :(

Your first Easter
Started eating solids at 6 months old
You finally began sleeping well
Got a new top tooth
Rocking on all Fours but not crawling 

Places You’ve Gone:
Destin with Lee Lee, Mommy, Grammy, Alli and Holly

Rocking on all Fours 4/14/16

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