Five on Friday | Getting Out of Town

Hooray for Friday!!! This Mama is extra excited for the weekend because I'm headed to one of my favorite places in the country... Seaside, FL.  I'll let my Five on Friday tell you the rest.  

I'm heading to Seaside today with a group of girls to spend the weekend in Seaside and enjoy the Seeing Red Wine Festival on Saturday.  It is something we planned quite some time ago and I can't believe it's finally here.  Isn't that beautiful???
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Let's just say that leaving town with a 7 week old at home is no joke! My husband and his Mother are in charge for the weekend and here's what it looks like as I organize things for them for the weekend!!! This Mother job is no joke. ha! Hopefully it's not too hard to follow along, but at the end of the day, I know they will get by one way or another.  

I had so much fun doing some outfit planning for the weekend.  Sometimes just being able to break out some evening purses as opposed to the diaper bag all the time, brings so much joy!!! I have a pretty fun number planned for Saturday that I'm excited for you guys to see.  Unfortunately, it is still hot (and humid) as hell down here; so I'm not getting to break out the boots and scarves like I would have loved to do! 

I squeezed in a manicure and pedicure before the weekend and it's my first official Fall color of the year!! I chose "Nantucket Navy" and I'm pretty obsessed.  I did it on both my nails {gel} and toes!  Have you started going dark yet???

Lastly, I am pretty nervous to leave this little rascal.  I'm praying she does well on the bottle all weekend.  She gets a bottle a lot normally, but sometimes she can act uninterested.  I'm worried about her missing her Mama.  She loves to be held.  She's going to make me miss her even more because she's starting to pass out these sweet little smiles lately that will melt your little heart.  She agrees, "hooray for Friyay!!"

I hope you all have a great weekend and pray for this Mama that her babies do well without her!! You can follow along on my girls weekend @homeofmalones on Insta!!! 


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  1. You deserve a weekend of fun (and wine)!! Whew that picture of milk + scheduled stresses me out hahaha being a mom is so much work. Sweet M's smile is just precious, she has already changed sooo much!

  2. You are seriously the most organized mom! I am guessing that Moms-on-Call is working well then! And good for you for going away for the weekend with your girl friends! I need to do that desperately! I loved your Sip & See pics yesterday--it was such a beautiful event! Have a lovely relaxing weekend!

    Annie- All Things Big And Small

  3. Loving the dark navy nails - After School Boy Blazer by Essie is my current fave! Have so much fun this weekend!!

  4. Have fun at the festival!! looks beautiful there!!

  5. Ok, you are amazing and I am seriously impressed and in awe! Have the best time and enjoy every second of it - it's well deserved!

    Also - I just started moms on call over here, and I'm loosely following it. How "strict" do you follow their typical day schedule? Any words of wisdom? I'm trying to zoom in on your schedule but would love any thoughts you have on the matter!

  6. I LOVE Seaside!! Such a cute little town!
    What a great navy nail color! I'm wearing Essie's Bahama Mama right now, it's a good fall transition color.

  7. I love the navy nail polish! I just had some dark navy on last week and hated taking it off. Love it for fall! And your sweet baby is adorable. Have a good weekend away- it will be hard to leave your babe, but it is a good break for you! :)

  8. You will do great and so will Madelyn! The first time away, even with number two, is the hardest, but it is so necessary! I hope you have tons of adult fun and may you get TONS of sleep!

  9. Awwwwwww look at that sweetie!!!!! That mani color is fabulous!