4th of July | Vail, CO

We spent the 4th of July in Vail this year with family celebrating my Mom's 60th birthday.   It was a wonderful getaway with the kids and a fun week with a mix of relaxation and activities!

I took a few hundred photos on this trip, so I will try to spare you complete photo overload.  I put a bunch of pictures in a video at the end that you are welcome to view if you'd like.  

My cousins who live in Denver came and met us for the weekend in Vail and they each have two kids  between the ages of 7 and 10.  It was so much fun to watch Brody think he was one of the "big kids." He couldn't get enough of them and they wanted to spend every minute with him.  There was no complaint from me having some built-in baby sitters and play mates :)

The temperature was perfect while we were there with cooler temps in the morning and evenings and warmer during the day.  It was warm enough for the kids to swim and they did a lot of that! 

My Mom is the social planner and made sure we had lots of fun events to attend while we were there.  We had a nice mix of adult-only activities and then ones with the kids.  

Me, my Mom and two brothers!

These two cousins are cute as pie and are having more and more fun with each other as each day passes.  They are 9 months apart and will be the best of friends as they continue to grow up on us!!

On July 4th, the city of Vail puts together a cute parade through the village for the kids.  Brody enjoyed cheering from the sidelines!

This is the only family photo we got from the entire trip which is pretty pathetic.  

During nap time on the 4th, I spent a little time decorating my Mom's house for her 60th birthday.  I brought a few decorations with me and tried to make it special for her. 

If you ever have any question whether to bring your kids to Vail or not, the answer is Yes.  It is definitely one of those cities that caters to families and has hundreds of activities for your children.  You see kids everywhere!  

We spent our last evening on the top of Vail mountain at a party.  The views were beautiful and we were able to catch the finals of the Women's World Cup soccer.  They had lots of people cheering on the game which was fun.  

The trip flew by and today was our first day home.  Me and Brody felt lonely all day as it was just the two of us instead of a house full of family with lots going on!  I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

You can view our trip to Vail last year here.

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  1. I absolutely love Vail, but have only been when it’s cold. It looks beautiful in the summer there!

  2. Looks like your trip was so much fun! I would love to visit Vail sometime!:)

  3. Vail is on my list of places to visit! Sounds like y'all had a great week - so much fun! And I felt the same way yesterday after getting back from a long weekend with a lot of friends at the lake, lonely & too quiet! Good to be back home though!

  4. Looked like an amazing trip! Vail is my very favorite place in this country! The air is so fresh and the scenery is breathtaking. We used to go every single year but now we only make it every few years :(

  5. So glad you had a great weekend - I love Brody's festive outfits! Happy 60th to your mom, too! She looks fabulous!

  6. What a fantastic trip!! I love the video that you made! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. What a beautfiul place, looks like a wonderful time with your family!

  8. I love Vail in the Summer SO much! I am so jealous!!! How cute is B with his cousins?! Those are the sweetest relationships!

  9. One of my college roommates recently moved to Vail and I have been dying to get out there! Good to know that it is kid-friendly for the future :)

  10. Oh my goodness, these photos are adorable! We love Vail! And that little firecracker is the cutest thing ever!

  11. Vail is definitely somewhere I want to visit and looks like you guys had fun. Brody's patriotic outfit is TOO cute!! xo

  12. Happy birthday to your mom!! Your trip looks like so much fun. You have such cute pictures. My cousin and I are 9 months apart and we are best friends (and have always been on opposites sides of the country).

  13. Vail looks amazing! Looks like your little man had the time of his life with his cousins!

  14. Hi Annie, looks like a wonderful 4th of July! I was hoping you would share, where are you finding smocked outfits for Brody now that he's bigger? I had no problem finding them for Shep when he was between 9-18 mos, but now that we are into 2T, I'm having issues finding them to buy (and I LOVE them!) Thanks so much :)

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