Five on Friday

I'm a bit behind today on getting my Friday Five up, but I was just pooped last night and tucked into bed extra early.   Linking up for oh hey Friday with Farmers Wife and September Farm.

Jewelry Organization
My post yesterday showed some of the organizing I did in my closet as a better way to see all my jewelry.  I had some great feedback from it and a few questions.  I realized that I forgot to share with you where I purchased all these great organizing tools.  

Several items were purchased from Pottery Barn Kids several years ago and no longer available, but they carry some really fun items and I'm loving this new acrylic earring holder

Bracelet and Necklace 3 Tier Organization  //  Bowls {also love these} // Egg Crate {old, similar} // Dress Frame Jewelry Holder // Ring Holder {old, similar

For nail polish lovers, you have to check out this adorable organizer

Hope that helps!!

Geez, my husband was flipping channels last night and came across this show on VH1.  Quickly, we were sucked in and disgusted.  These people seriously go on national television naked and they show everything except the full frontals.  Bare asses and boobies flopping everywhere.  It's so trashy and ridiculous, yet we caught ourselves watching.... Any one else see this last night??

Cous Cous Salad
I shared this black bean feta recipe on Tuesday and today for lunch, I made some pearl couscous, chopped some red pepper, red onion, and cilantro then added a few spoonfuls of the black bean feta dip and it was INCREDIBLE.  It was the perfect lunch salad.  I think I could eat it every day!

Top Referring Sites

Do you pay a lot of attention to your Blogger Statistics and look and see what sites are referring to your blog??  I often do and think its fun to see and I've actually found several new blogs this way.  Consistently for the past several months, I've had the same top 3 URL's referring to my site and I thought I'd give them a little shout out.  

1. GOOGLE - go figure
3.  East Coast Chic

Who are your top 3 referrals???  Does Home of Malone's ever make your list???

One Year Old WWF Wrestling
We were recently visiting some of our friends and had a little spend the night party and through the kids in the crib together for a bit.  We caught several videos that totally cracked us up and I thought I would share a small tidbit!  I would have sworn my husband was teaching Brody wrestling moves when I wasn't around.  I think the kids were delirious as it was 9:15pm! 

Brody and Baylor wrestle from Annie Malone on Vimeo.
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Matt and I have a wedding to go to locally tonight which I'm super excited about; but other than that, we are lying low all weekend and catching up on life!! I can't wait! 

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  1. you are actually one of my top referrals from the Thursday Thoughts YAY!!!

    I've never heard of that show - nor do I think I want to watch it! What the heck? Who thinks of these things????

    Happy weekend!

  2. Woohooo! I'm glad I made that list!!! I wouldn't have guessed that it was my blog that was giving you #2 referrals but I'm so happy it is!!

    My most popular referral sites are Hello Happiness, Google, and Kelly's Korners link ups, but I def see East Coast Chic, Sunkissed and Southern, and In My Blonde Life on the list too. Pretty fun!!!

  3. That video is the cutest!! Little boys are SUCH boys! So cute! Hope you have a happy weekend!! xo

  4. Thanks for sharing your jewelry organizers! I really loved those from your previous post and was wondering where you got them. They are practical and beautiful! -Jess

  5. I need that nail polish organizer! Such a good find! Have fun at the wedding tonight and enjoy your weekend!!

  6. Cute jewelry organizers!! Looks great!! That show..what?!?