Thoughts for Thursday | Carriage House Tour : Man Cave & Mom Cave Updates

I've had this post in my draft box forever and just kept forgetting to finish it up or more likely, I probably hoped to get a few better photos to add to it; but I never did.  So, I decided to add a few things to it and go ahead and show you another portion of our house.  Today is a look into our "Carriage House" which is better named the "MAN CAVE."

It's hard to visualize this portion of our house, but you can see photos here in our house tour or I've tried to help you by providing the blue lines below.  This house is detached from our main house and is also our garage.  We have a two car garage with a guest bedroom and bath on the first floor and then upstairs is one big room with a kitchenette and half bath...hence the man cave

Carriage House Layout

        1st Floor                          2nd Floor 

This is our guest bedroom or "In-Law" suite as some may call it because it is detached from the main house and technically has it's own bathroom and kitchen.  

I love this bathroom with the spa-like rock floor.  We wished we had done these in our Master Bath.  

Once you head upstairs, you enter into the Man Cave:

Oh yes, how could it be a man-cave without deer heads and huge flat screen TV's??

Oh, and don't forget the ridiculous row of 5 mancliners!!!!

Poker table for boys nights...

But let's be honest...As soon as Brody is old enough, this will obviously become the PLAYROOM :)  

Horrible photo, but this is the half bath:

 And here's a look at the stadium seating before we had all the furniture in...

And since husband has this glorious man cave, I like to call my closet (which I do share with him) my "Mom Cave." 

I did a post a few months ago giving you a little Master Closet Tour.  I was pretty happy with the way it was looking then, but still had some things to change around and organize.  Elise (Cheers Ya'll) posted a closet tour yesterday and it reminded me that it was time to start working in my closet again  plus her's looked adorable!  

I just stuck a few command hooks on the wall and now my baubles are a little easier for me to reach and see.  I love the little change and hopefully it will make me wear all my necklaces a little better!!

Sorry for the terrible photos but there is no natural lighting in our closet so it makes for bad lighting. 

What do you think???

Now it's your turn!  

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Thoughts for Thursday


  1. I am loving your jewelry #littlejealous. Oh mancave, how my husband would love you in a house full of women? I've even overtaken his office!!

  2. Wow! Very impressive! You've given me some great ideas for jewelry organization too. Beautiful spaces! -Jess

  3. Wow your house is amazing!!! For jewley storage, I have a little rack that hangs over the closet door with lots of hooks. It's the only way I can keep my necklaces straight!

  4. Your house is absolutely lovely! I love the homey feel but chic touches throughout! Hope your having a great week love!

  5. I just love your house! My husband would be very jealous of that man cave!!

  6. SO so beautiful! I am showing my husband to tell him this is what we need...man cave or not!! :)

  7. I love that you have a man cave slash guest suite! It's so gorgeous and the cleanest man cave ever! I am cracking up over the mancliners!

  8. How gorgeous is that "man" cave?! Seriously.

  9. I love love love that guest bedroom - the bed looks soooo inviting!! And I did command hooks in the closet as well (but not quite as many - love your collection of baubles!! if you ever do a blog sale - I'm there) :)

  10. I want to go lay in one of those recliners in the man cave. My husband would die.

  11. Wow! That is impressive! My husband is dying for a man cave and I would kill for a full closet of my own with a dressing area and vanity!

  12. Just WOW... your house is gorgeous. I think its my dream house. Can I move in??? haha

  13. I'm having MAJOR closet envy. My closet is sooooo over-due for a reorganization and every time I think about starting I wussy out!

    And you're guest house is beautiful! I'm sure your in-laws/parents love having a whole separate place to make themselves comfortable. Such a great space.

  14. i'm going to need you to box your entire place up and ship it on over to charlotte.


  15. Ok, I just spent a good 30 minutes getting lost in all of your house posts! Your entire house is gorgeous!

  16. Your house is so incredibly gorgeous and you decorate it so beautifully!!

  17. Um, your house is insanely awesome! Can I move in?! ;) I'm linking up with you ladies today!

  18. oh my gosh, your house is so lovely and that closet is amazing. Still the kitchen is my favourite!

  19. This is AMAZING! Love the deer heads and the wall of TV's -- such a guy room! Now I'm off to check out all of your other house posts!

  20. what a gorgeous gorgeous home and wowie you have a lot of jewelry!

  21. With our English in laws eventually coming over for months at a time (after they retire!)...it's a known fact that an in law suite separate from the main house is my dream. One day!! :) Also--I think we are inspiring each other. Because NOW your jewelry organization pics are going to push me to reorganize my jewelry drawers. I've been meaning to reorganize them for...oohh...2 years now?! Now to get started!! Thanks for the nudge. xx


  23. Ahhhhh your house is gorgeous!!! That man cave is killer- my husband would die for one of those. Your jewelry organization has me totally inspired!! My closet and jewelry need a major overhaul!

  24. What a gorgeous looking Carriage House! The term man cave does little justice for the beauty and elegance of the spaces at the second floor. Haha! Of course, the first floor is really the quintessential man-space, with that amazing entertainment system and leather recliners, which you aptly dubbed. I love the accents in the half-bath, especially the round mirror. Thank you so much for sharing those! I'm filled with lots of design inspirations now, thanks to your awesome photos. All the best!

    Naomi Walters @ Chicora