House Tour: Our Master Closet

I've dreamed about this room for a long time.  I think any woman probably has... who doesn't want the perfect closet that displays every item you own all in the same space which you have perfectly organized and set up like a fine shopping boutique.  That sounds dreamy to me.  I've recently heard a woman's closet coined "Mom Cave"  which I think is so fitting.  

I am so thankful and happy to have a beautiful new closet.  It's been 10 years (when I lived at home before I left for college) since I've seen all my clothes in one closet and not spread all over the house.   I know plenty of women have been dealing with this for their entire lives.  I feel very fortunate.  I want to share a few things I had in mind for our new closet when we were building and you can see some of my photo inspiration here on my Pinterest board.  

The Wish List:

- A closet all to myself that I don't have to share with Matt (I didn't get that)
- An island in our closet ( I didn't get that)
- A pretty light or chandelier in our closet ( I didn't get that) 
- Cubbies in the closet island to store T-shirts, shorts, etc ( I didn't get that)

But I'm not complaining...we have a gorgeous closet still even without those things.  Here are the items we did get:

- Built in drawers (I wanted a one-stop shop.  I wanted to be able to go into my closet and be able to get fully dressed without having to go get bras and panties from a dresser out in the bedroom.)
- Open shelving for jewelry, sweaters, hats, etc.  
- Shoe Shelves (My husband fought me so hard on these because he felt our closet was too small and I was just wasting space, but I am soooo happy that I stuck to my guns on this one.  Shoes would be a mess in the closet if I hadn't built these.)
- Lots of hanging space including an area for long dresses and coats

I spent a lot of time during the planning stage of building these custom cabinets for the closet to measure my clothes and hangers and maximize the height in our closet to utilize the space in the best way possible.  We wanted LOTS of hanging space.  I measure skirts on the hanger, shirts on the hanger, pants on the hanger, etc and gave all those measurements to our cabinet maker.  I was nervous and excited to see the results.   

Let me take you through the final product.....

A look from the closet door- full length hanging rack and short rack to hang skirts and sweaters.

From the closet door and a look to the right.

Skirts, shorts and sweaters hung on baby hangers.

A look to the left...three rows of hanging.  Coats on top, shirts in the middle and pants on the bottom.

Pants on my favorite wooden hangers...although I am loving those felt huggable hangers a lot right now.

My husbands side...and he actually organized it! 

The shoe racks!! My favorite parts...unfortunately, it doesn't look too organized right now because my shoes are still stuffed on top of each other; but hopefully I can make this a bit better.

A look to the right side of the closet from the entry...drawers plus open shelving which I'm still working on. 

Scarves on belt hangers thanks to Megan at Honey We're Home.

Bins that hold T-shirts, leggings, shorts and large travel purses.

My jewelry station- I've learned that I do the best at wearing my jewelry when it is displayed for me to see and easily choose from.  I have collected different jewelry holders over the years to help me display it in a pretty way.  The 3-tier earring holder and the mannequin necklace holder both came from Potterybarn Teen.  The 3-tier bracelet holder from Amazon.  The 2 bowls and egg crate are both from Anthropologie.  

I love the XOXO sticky notes at the bottom of the photo below.  I keep them there to try to write quick, sweet notes to my hubby every now and then and stick on his bathroom mirror at night so he wakes up to it in the morning :)

I have high hopes to continue organizing this space by color, changing out wire hangers (this will never completely go away though in our closet), donating clothes I don't wear, and making it a happy place for me to take a few minutes every day to myself and get dressed in something that makes me feel great!!  

I am finally letting go with the thought that everything has to be "perfect" before I share photos of the new house and hopefully will continue to share different areas of the house each week!  Half the fun is seeing "before and after" pictures anyways, right?

Stay tuned!!

 ***Morgan and I are also taking a break from Wednesday Wishlist for awhile and changing up our Wednesday blog posts.***


  1. LOVE it! I'm having major closet envy from my 1940's house!! Looks amazing! xo

  2. ANNIE...your closet is so amazing it makes me wanna puke! LOVE LOVE LOVE! P.S. did I spy some Valentino studs in there? Moda Monday calls girlfriend...

  3. aww i love doing the wishlist... but yea, our closet is tiny tiny.. there's only enough room for all of my husband's stuff..

  4. Gorgeous!!! I love your closet!! I'm so jealous of your shoe shelves and drawers- those are on my wishlist if we ever redo our closet

  5. Beautiful closet filled with gorgeous taste and style! Does Brody have a shoe rack for his moccasin collection and do they make them in our size?

  6. Saw your house tour post and had to see your master closet, and can I just say how gorgeous your master closet is????