Baby Brody : Month 8

Age: 8 months old on February 27th

Weight: approx 20lbs...we go to the doctor at 9 months

Clothes:  12 and 18 month clothes

Sleep:  We got back on schedule this month (last month was tough) with a bedtime of 6pm and then 6am wakeup.  I'm late writing this update by a few weeks and I have already forgotten what your nap time routine was like during month 8.  You definitely don't nap more than twice a day and many days you are only taking one nap a day.  I think that is partly why you go to bed so early every night.  I have found that your sleeping habits seem to change about every 2 months or so and as soon as we have everything going great, it changes.  


Feeding:  You are eating pureed baby food 2-3 times a day.  You take 4 (8oz) bottles a day.  Typically at 6am, 10am, 2pm, and 6pm.   We try to eat around 730am, 1130am (but this one seems to be skipped a lot because we are out running or errands or something) and then at 4pm.  You're not a huge eater yet with the food.  Some feedings better than others, but you never seem to get really excited about it.  

Favorite Foods:
-butternut squash
-sweet potatoes 

-crawling (Feb 21st) - you got your first shiner too
-pulling up on your own (Feb 23rd) 
-ma ma, ba ba, and bye bye all came out this month -- ma ma only comes out when you are eating, so it's not really the real thing :( 
-4 teeth coming up top (2 of them have broken through) 
-Celebrated both Mom and Dad's birthdays in February
- First Plane Ride
-First Valentine's Day

Sending Daddy some Happy Birthday love...

-diaper changes
-getting dressed and undressed
-getting out of the bathtub

-exploring the house now that you crawl
-running errands with mama
-sitting in grocery baskets- you love to flirt with all the ladies

Places You've Gone:
-Tampa for Aunt Erin's baby shower - First plane ride and first time you stayed in a hotel room - you also got to meet Aunt Cassie for the first time!
- Brewton, AL hunting camp
- I started taking you with my to the gym and you are enjoying the day care and playing with the other kids

My first plane ride

Aunt Cassie

Aunt Erin's baby shower

Gym Day Care

-Meredith and Cole came to visit you from New Orleans for the weekend

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  1. Such a cutie!! How is he doing at the gym daycare? I still haven't taken Miller yet- I don't know why but it makes me nervous! I know I mentioned it before but we are having the hardest time with diaper and clothing changes- he will not sit still and it's a constant fight. It's now starting to happen in the bathtub which has me freaked out that he's going to hit his head so I have to hold him down the whole time- so I feel your pain on those items.

  2. Oh my goodness! The child seriously could not be more adorable and his momma is looking gooooood! Love the shorter hair and love you