Baby Brody: Month 6

Weight: 18 + lbs and over 27.5 inches long based on my measurements.  We go to the doctor this week for the exact numbers.

Clothes:  Size 3 diapers and clothes range from 6 months to 12 months.  You are pretty much grown out of most of your 3 month clothing.  

Sleep:  We start your bath time at 5:30 and you are usually asleep by 6pm.  You wake up at 6am.  You have been sleeping well, but during the week of Christmas you started waking up in the middle of the night.  We couldn't tell if you were teething, getting sick because both of us were sick or if you were hungry and showing signs of being ready to start solid foods. You sleep in a sleep sack with no swaddle and I took the life nest out of your bed so you have room to roam.  

Feeding:  You are taking 6-8 ounces per feeding at eating at 6am,9,12,3 and 6pm.  I did give you your first taste of real food on your 6 month birthday.  You had some sweet potatoes and thought it was just okay.  

  • sitting up on your own - you would much rather be sitting up than lying down now
  • talking and babbling a lot
  • looking out at all your surroundings
  • your carseat -- I actually put you in your carseat now and drive around to get you to sleep if I have to
  • you jump around lile a crazy man in your jumperoo now
  • kicking your legs to make noise on all your toys
  •  getting out of the bathtub - you always cry when you get out of the bath and I'm trying to rub you down with lotion and get you in your PJs.
  • teething-- but who would like that?

  • laughing, laughing and more laughing
  • your bottom two teeth really came all the way in this month
  • sitting up all by yourself
  • trying to sit back up on your own after you have fallen over
  • talking like crazy - we swear you said bye bye a couple times over Christmas, but I haven't heard them again yet
  • you grab at all of your toys and can really reach for everything
  • sitting in the big boy seat in the shopping cart
  • You had your pictures taken with Santa and did so great!
  • You are definitely not crawling yet, but you rise up on your arms and look at your toys like you are trying to figure out how to get to them.

Places You've Gone:
  • we didn't have to do any holiday traveling this year, so you pretty much stayed at home all month
  • you are so much better to go out and about with now that you enjoy your car seat, so I take you on a lot more errands with me now
  • Amelia Kate came over for a slumber party and the two of you were so sweet together.  You were so gentle with her and gave her lots of kisses and would hold her hand.  I love that ya'll are only 6 weeks apart. 


  1. So sweet<3 such a big boy already! MY GOODNESS where does the time go?!

    Savanna hates getting out of the tub also..she loves to sit up and play. Sweet potatoes are her favorite, we started solids at 4 months because she was downing about 6+ bottles a day and the doctor suggested it. Since starting them she's been sleeping through the night and she is much happier!

  2. Annie, I can't believe how big he's gotten...you can even tell a difference in his face; he just looks different. So Sweet! It goes so fast! I hope you had a great Christmas with your family!!

  3. What a cutie! Isn't the jumperoo the best. It's so fun to watch them bounce in it. We just started solid foods this month too it's fun to see their reactions to certain foods.