Baby Brody : Month 7

I'm way behind this month on getting Brody's update together, but hopefully I'll catch back up next week when he turns 8 months!! January was quite the hectic month for us!

Weight:  20lbs maybe...you were 19lbs at your 6 month appt and we don't go back until 9 months.  I measured you around 28inches, but that could be off.  

Clothes: You are wearing pretty much everything at least 9 months plus...

Sleep:  We were a bit all over the board this month as your schedule was chaotic between the holidays, the move to the new house and your Papa Bear's death.   We definitely had some unpredictable nights where you would wake up at odd hours.  The nights that were good, you slept from 6pm which continues to be your bedtime and you are up at 6am.  You now can entertain yourself and play in the crib for about 30 min or so which allows us a little more time in bed too!

Feeding:  We have experimented with lots of new foods this month.  You tried your first "real" food the day you turned 6 months old and we have been having some fun with it ever since.  Some days you do much better at it than others.  You started with sweet potatoes and since we have had bananas, avocados, squash, green beans, pumpkin, blueberries, and more I'm sure.  All have been pureed.  I had good intentions to make your food, of course, but with everything going on in our lives, you were lucky to get what you did :)  The organic baby food pouches certainly came in handy!

Your crib and your new nursery at the new house
Sitting up on your own and playing
Going out and about (grocery and Target shopping are some of your favorite outings)  
Standing up while you are holding on to something
Putting things (blankets, stuffed animals, diapers) on top of your head that cover your eyes - Peek-a-boo 

Getting out of the bath
Most of your diaper changes 
Getting dressed
Not being able to figure out how to crawl

You say DaDa all the time
Scooting and being on all fours, but still no crawling
You saw snow for the first time 
Eating food
You notice and reach for everything in sight
Your new cousin, Bear, was born! 

Places You've Gone:
We went to your friend Olivia's 1st birthday party
We went to Ocean Springs for the baby Ridgeway girls baby shower - you also got to meet Ella Statham for the first time

Auntie Alex stayed in town for a whole week after Papa Bear's funeral
Amelia Kate spent 2 nights with you during the "ice" storm in Pensacola.  You had your first bath with a girl.  
You met and saw a lot of friends and family during the events for Papa Bear's funeral.  

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