Baby Brody : Week 2

Another busy week with some family in town.  We're all having a ball! Both Matt and I were able to get out and about some this week which felt so nice.  

Feeding:  Brody is eating like a champ.  We have been clustering feeding this week (eating all the time).  I'm still breastfeeding, pumping and supplementing some with the 2oz bottles of Similac.  

Sleeping: He is still sleeping pretty much during the day, but is becoming more and more alert.  At night, I have been trying to get to bed a little earlier which means he is too and he is waking up one to two times a night.   It hasn't been too bed. He is still sleeping in the room next to our bed, so I usually walk him to his nursery and change his diaper and feed him in there.  

Likes: He loves his massages at night, walks, bath time, being outside, riding in the car, and his Momaroo

Postpartum: this week was amazing.  Somewhere around 7-10 days postpartum, all the swelling just evaporated from my body.  My face seemed back to normal and my legs and ankles and it was such a nice feeling.  I could tell for several nights in a row that I was waking up with severe sweat.  It turns out it was my body releasing all these extra fluids.  I still have 15lbs to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I sure am happy to see all that fluid gone.  

Mom and Dad out for free martini Friday lunch at Jackson's

Staring at Daddy

Hanging in my robe after bath time

Shower for Courtney! Baby Martin due to arrive August 20th!

Picture from Erin while she was babysitting Brody while I was at the shower

Snuggles from Brody when I returned from the shower 

First time lounging outside

Many faces of Brody
tiny legs in leg warmers

My little Lion

Snuggles with grandma Holly

I love my walks but it sure is HOT and muggy here!

I found my thumb

Mom squeezing my cheeks after she burped me

Sleepy time after eating

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