Hospital Bag for Momma

I did quite a bit of research online trying to find what were the best items to pack for the baby and the momma to take to the hospital.  I loved reading different blog suggestions and finding the best items to work for me.  Here is what I came up with and had fun packing it all before baby Brody was born.

Hospital Bag for Momma

Hospital Bag for Momma by aladams4 featuring lorac makeup

Breastfeeding Tops and Bras - You are feeding a lot, so make sure you have comfortable clothes to wear that are appropriate for visitors that might be coming by and for easy access to the boobies.

Maternity Hospital Gown -  It definitely isn't necessary, but they are cute, comfortable and really convenient.  I chose to wear mine the day after delivery once I got a shower and wanted to put something cute and practical on.  I got so many compliments from the nurses in the hospital and I was actually surprised that they had not seen more of them.

Shower Shoes and Slippers -  I used both and was glad I had both.   I was also happy that I brought real slippers and not just the slipper socks.

Make-Up Remover Wipes -  Quick and easy to clean your face whether you have make-up on or not.  It feels nice just to wipe your face clean.

NIGHT LIGHT - This one was a lifesaver for me in the hospital and I am still using it now at home.  I checked in at midnight to be induced and that night I was waking up to pee every hour in the hospital room and I was trying to let my husband sleep on his tiny little bench.  So the night light was crucial for me making it to the bathroom without running into things.  It also helped the nurse be able to come in and check on me in the middle of the night without having to turn lights on.  After he was born, I used it for feeding in the middle of the night as well.  I'm a very considerate wife :)

Movies -  I brought a couple of movies, but it turned out our room did not have a DVD player.  So be sure to check that out first.  I also rented one movie on my iPad so I would have that if I needed, but it turned out that I never watched it either.

Robe -  The hospital gowns that they give you are backless, so a robe is a must if you plan to be walking around.  Bring something comfy and light-weight.

Make-Up & Hair Ties-  I was glad I had a minimal amount of make-up with me to put on a few times.  It was nice to add a little coloring and made me feel better.  Hair ties are always good to have handy.

Mini Shampoo and Conditioner and a Hairdryer-  Its a hospital, not a hotel...they don't provide these luxuries. They will have soap and that's it.  And trust me, you will want to wash your hair.  It felt so good to shower and wash my hair.  You feel like a new person.  I forgot a hairdryer and had to have my Mom bring me one, so pack that.

Dry Shampoo - This is my favorite brand and great to have handy for a quick fix or to soak up the hair  grease before you are able to take a shower.

Electronics, Speakers & Chargers - Don't forget your cameras, chargers, iPads, iPod speakers and any other electronics you might like to use.  I chose not to bring a computer and was glad that I didn't bother.  An ipad is great if you have that, but really you don't need any of it.  A camera and your phone is all you need.  Don't forget some small iPod speakers to play some music in your room.  I made a delivery day playlist  and was so glad I had music playing during delivery! The doc and nurse loved it too :)

Sound Machine - There are a lot of noises in the hospital and people coming in and out of your room and we were so glad to have a sound machine in the hospital.  I used the Sleep Machine app on my iphone and it worked perfectly.

Pillow - This was not something I was originally planning on bringing and I decided at the last minute to throw it in the car and I was so glad that I did.  It was so nice to have a nice pillow because the ones at the hospital are terrible.

Going Home Outfit - Don't forget something cute to wear when you leave the hospital. A cute dress that fit you when you were around 6 months pregnant or so is perfect.

Snacks - Bring a few bars or trail mix or something to have around to much on for you and your hubby

Large Tumbler - Bring that large tumbler that I shared in my Pregnancy Must- Haves post because you will be incredibly thirsty after delivery and the kind nurses will refill your cup as much as you need.  And bonus for me, my hospital had my favorite "Sonic Ice" or pebble ice.

Other things that you will use, but the hospital will (should) provide: 

Pads -
I liked the ones from the hospital and I suggest pads with no wings.
Underwear -
You can bring some of your own, but the mesh ones they give are awesome
Tucks Witch Hazel Pads -
I ordered these to have at home, but they actually gave me a 40-count pack in the hospital.  These were wonderful for your sore crotch.
Breast Pump -
If you were to need one at the hospital, they have great, hospital-grade pumps there for you to use.

Check out what to pack for baby to take to the hospital, here.

What did you pack in your hospital bag???


  1. Love it, thank you for this!! I'm only 27 weeks, but I'm already buying the embarrassing stuff on Amazon so I don't have to make some poor 16-year old at Target ring up my "feminine" items. ;) I'm already putting a lot of thought into what to pack so I don't bring too much crap.

  2. this is a great list of things to have. I was very minimalistic with what I packed but I think this covers anything a mama could possibly need to keep her comfortable