Hospital Bag for the Baby

Hospital Bag for the Baby

Hospital Bag for the Baby by aladams4 featuring a kate spade pouch

I packed for the baby in his diaper bag which worked out perfectly.  Here's the items I put in his bag for the hospital.

Soothies - These are great and comfort sore nipples from breastfeeding
Boppy -  Bring this to hospital with you for breastfeeding.
Bella B Nipple Nurture Butter -  Great for sore, cracking nipples.  I have loved this stuff and it is organic and safe for babies.  I never tried the other creams, so I don't have anything to compare it to; but I have loved this.
Pacifiers -  My hospital was no longer providing them for babies, so if you are planning to use one with your child; you will want to bring your own.
Going Home Outfit -  Bring something cute and cozy to put your baby in for going home.  I also brought two more gowns similar to the ones pictured for baby to wear in the hospital. The gowns are great and easy for changing diapers.
Hats - Bring some cute baby hats for your newborn.  They look adorable and make for great pictures.
Hand Sanitizer - You will definitely want to have this on hand for all your guests that come to visit you and the baby in the hospital.  The Babyganics brand is great and I also love the Honest Company sanitizer.
Baby Mittens - These are great to keep your baby from scratching their face and also nice to keep visitors from touching your babies hands which they put directly in their mouth.  These Satsuma Mittens are great and stay on really well.
Lotion or Oil -  Their little skin is so dry, so it's nice to have some lotion or oil to lather the little ones up with.  I like the Honest Company brand.
Diaper Bag - Bring your diaper bag and have all these things packed inside it for your baby
Swaddle Blankets - The hospital provides swaddle blankets, so you really do not have to bring this...but, if you want some cute ones for the bambino, bring your own.
Car Seat Blanket -  This is great for your ride home.  If you have a special blanket that someone made for you or has been passed down, this is a great time to use it.

I hope this lists helps you for packing for your new baby on delivery day.

What did you bring for you baby that you were so glad you had in the hospital??

Find what to pack in your hospital bag for Momma here.

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