Delivery Day Playlist

I made a playlist to have during my delivery for fun and wasn't really sure if I would end up using it or not, but we definitely did!  And it was so much fun.  Below is my list of songs that I came up with and some ideas that I got from browsing the internet.  The songs were picked to either motivate me during my "pushing" period or they had a meaning for bringing a new person into this world.  Specifically, a boy.  

I don't think we will ever forget that when my doctor walked into the room (fashionably late, I might add.  I was 10+1 cm dilated and he was ready to come out) the song, "Push It" by Salt-N-Pepa was playing and he came dancing and saying, "Wow, this is a party."  It honestly set the tone for the rest of the delivery and made it very memorable and fun! 

Ironically, the song that was playing once Brody was born was Kevin Randolph's, "Welcome to the World."  How appropriate :)

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